Understanding Sustainability in Design, Construction, and Manufacturing

The emergence of unprecedented changes in the climate has underscored the relationship between people and the nature, it has exposed fundamental tenets of the trade-off we consistently face highlighting the paradox of having unlimited needs, but limited capacity to satisfy them. A thorough reflection in our production and consumption patterns has become essential to understand … Read more

Hansgrohe, driven by the pursuit of perfection

Design can be defined in a number of ways: shape, aesthetic, style. But a good design means more than just good looks - it adds new dimension to a space and addresses the problems & user needs, making daily lives comfortable. It is a holistic approach of creating a positive experience for the user. For … Read more

Connecting the employee experience and customer service

Future workplace

Future of the workforce  The workplace has evolved and is no longer a place wherein we go and work but should be something we feel connected with. The whole concept of the future workspaces and its purpose is changing. The changing nature of work, along with existing working environments and the falling cost-effectiveness of the … Read more

Ideas for Designing – Cities of the Future

When Covid-19 pandemic took over the world like wild-fire, it made us realize that the world is even more connected then we could have imagined and that we are less prepared for an uncertain future than perhaps we thought we were. Despite taking several quick measures like limiting movement in urban areas, closing public spaces … Read more

Design industry, creating sustainable art & the aftermath of Covid-19

In conversation with Davide Radaelli, Founder, DRDS (Davide Radaelli Design Studio), Milano, Italy ET-Insights: How can one create an alternative model for design to strike the right balance of art and sustainability? Davide: It is true that we, as designers, can propose a project suggesting sustainable materials, technologies and solutions to our clients, so we … Read more

Understanding design and the correlation between art and design

“A hasty distinction could say that art is subjective while design is objective and that artists work in complete freedom, while design exists only in presence of some constraints, but the repetitiveness of some accomplished artists might make you think that there could be some identity and business constraints even among artists.” I think of … Read more

Design & Architecture’s role in human well-being

Chirag Bardolivala, Founding Partner, RC Design Studio, offers his take on how intelligent architecture and well-design living spaces can help shape our mental well-being and help us stay healthy and productive. Architecture’s role is far-reaching, and can even help us in managing the next medical emergency that may beset us. This is the need of … Read more

“While we design our world, our world responds to design us”

“‘Design’ is the creative tool through which the poetry of vision is communicated and ‘Architecture’ is the technical infrastructure that defines the language of the space. Architecture and design must correspond to their natural surroundings in a manner that feels harmonious and symbiotic.” ET-Insights: What was your inspiration when you took up the beach house … Read more

Design with a human touch

Mohit Hajela, Group Head, Business Development, Jaquar Group, reveals how design reflects a deep understanding of evolving human needs. In your experience, has design become more accessible over the years? Mohit: Most certainly. It is a natural consequence of the emergence of brands in every product and service category that may have been a commodity … Read more

Experience-driven design plays a powerful role in everyday life

We talk with Rajesh Bhandari, Director, A-Class Marble India about all things design. Good design is associated with rapid acceptance and trust We asked Rajesh about, how we can not only make design better, but make it matter, here’s what he had to say:Design isn’t just about making aesthetic products. It’s also about providing meaning, … Read more

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