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Price Shock: What $200 Per Barrel Oil Would Mean for Asia

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has increased global oil market volatility. The economic impact of another oil price shock, should it materialize, would be significant. At the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the crude oil price breached $130 per barrel in March 2022, the highest since 2008. Since then, it retreated to about $100 … Read more

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine need not hinder climate progress.

Here’s why Many countries don’t want to continue buying Russia’s fossil fuels following its invasion of Ukraine. But efforts to tap other sources and ease prices may hinder climate progress. Previous energy crises led to constructive climate efforts. It’s “now or never” to stave off a climate catastrophe, according to a UN report published last week. But … Read more

Striking the Right Balance

Energy and natural resources make a strong comeback, but caution is merited Even as the end of the pandemic is not quite in sight with renewed risks posed by mutant variants of the COVID-19 virus, economies across the world are roaring back. Concomitant with that, energy demand is growing rapidly. In India, electricity demand crossed … Read more

Building an equitable workplace for women in oil and gas

The oil and gas sector is experiencing enormous turmoil as a result of shifting oil prices, unstable geopolitical conditions, and changes in the regulatory environment.Additionally, as digitalization takes root, the energy sector is beginning to feel the effects of an ageing workforce, a rising skills gap, and a talent scarcity. Archana Yemeshvary Ashok Upadhyay, Chief … Read more

How Russia hooked Europe on its oil and gas – and overcame US efforts to prevent energy dependence on Moscow

Ryan Haddad, University of Maryland The Biden administration hopes its threat of “severe economic consequences” deters Russia from invading Ukraine – an event Americans officials say could be imminent. In response, the U.S. said it may ban the export of microchips and other technologies to critical sectors like artificial intelligence and aerospace and freeze the … Read more

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