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Driving towards a sustainable future: How electric vehicles are reshaping India’s automotive industry

The global shift towards sustainable transportation has triggered a remarkable revolution in the automotive industry, and India stands as a shining example of this transformative trend. While concerns about high initial costs have slowed the transition to electric mobility in low- and middle-income countries, a recent report titled “Economics of Electric Vehicles for Passenger Transportation” … Read more

Tata Motors to reportedly supply 25,000 EVs to Uber

As per recent reports, Tata Motors, India’s biggest manufacturer of electric passenger vehicles, has penned a new deal with Uber to supply a fleet of 25,000 EVs. The order placed by Uber is supposedly the largest EV order placed in the country’s history. The developments were recently revealed by Tata Motors. According to the agreement, … Read more

US DOE funds projects worth $2.8 billion for boosting domestic EV battery mfg. capacity

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding to 20 companies across 12 states for domestic manufacturing of EV batteries, electrical grid, and critical components as well as materials will reinforce America’s energy independence, create good-paying construction and manufacturing jobs, and lower costs. The electric vehicle (EV) market in the United States broke records in 2021, estimated at just … Read more
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