Metaverse: What could its biggest dangers look like?

“It’s like the very earth is being torn asunder. Your vision becomes obscured and nebulous. It’s raining death and the very ground turns crimson. You stumble slowly and painfully into a bunker in the aftermath of a mortal shelling. You feel the shrapnel wound pierce your abdomen. Everything fades and you realize that it was … Read more

Watch video: Powering the future- The rise of EV

EVs stand for Electric Vehicle which refers to a vehicle that is powered by one or more electric motors instead of an internal combustion engine (ICE) that runs on gasoline or diesel. EVs have significantly enhanced the experience of two-wheelers in many ways, such as: Environment friendly  Cost Savings  Energy efficiency  Reduced noise pollution  Accessibility … Read more

Breaking Out of the Loop of Traditional Marketing

Here’s how with Growth Marketing you could give a spike of up to 400% in revenue-boosting opportunities. It’s tried, tested, and proven. “So, how has the last quarter been like?” asked the business leader. He looked slightly distressed with a slumped sales performance in his region. “We did a physical, in-person event three weeks ago … Read more

8 gender equality facts every business leader should know

Five years ago, when 17 Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs were formulated, 193 countries committed to bridge the gender gap and empower women globally by 2030. Unfortunately, very little progress was made on that front, when the Covid monster reared its ugly head, regressively impacting gender equality. Here are eight essential facts about gender equality … Read more

Decoding the challenges of India’s Agri sector

India’s natural resources and geographical advantage has been envied by the world for centuries. India has always been an agricultural country and even after attaining independence, the clarion call of “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan”, positioned farmers alongside soldiers, hailing them as two heroes of the nation – one protecting the national sovereignty and the other … Read more

Make high-impact decisions with 5 key insights from Jeff Bezos

Making decisions is the core job of business leaders and senior executives. The stakes are always high, but it is more so for larger companies. In “Invent and Wander: The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos”, Bezos opens up about his decision-making process at Amazon. Here are a few insights about high-impact decision-making, drawing from the … Read more

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