The role of technology in advancing the SDGs

New technologies and digital innovations are key to achieving sustainable development goals The fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 has expanded at an unprecedented rate, and its impact has particularly changed how we address our SDGs. The pressure to mitigate adverse effects due to climate change is increasing. The pivotal impact of technology in achieving … Read more

Conserving natural resources: The challenge of balancing growth and sustainability

Humanity’s march towards modernisation and development is rife with the challenge of conserving finite natural resources. Water is one of those natural resources which has depleted quickly owing to rapid growth of population, industrialisation and increased agricultural practices. With rapid economic growth, need for more food and widespread urbanisation, India’s demand for water is increasing … Read more

6 ways to make your city more sustainable

To achieve sustainability in urban spaces, cities need wide-ranging and multiple concerted actions by key policy makers and local governments. India’s rapid urbanisation continues to be a remarkable achievement, with more than 400 million people estimated to be living in cities by 2030, according to the UN reports on India’s growing urbanisation in 2022. India’s … Read more

How to overcome ESG challenges on the path to net zero?

The journey to Net Zero emissions demands a paradigm shift where profit and sustainability are allies, not adversaries In today’s era marked by environmental awareness and a huge sense of responsibility, corporations worldwide confront a crucial challenge ̶ finding an equilibrium between business growth and sustainability objectives. However, within the journey toward achieving Net Zero … Read more

Is lab grown meat the answer to our environmental problems?

Lab-grown meat, although it sounds like a great idea from an environmental perspective, comes with a host of concerns that are not addressed definitively. The hype around lab meat, or lab–grown meat, had raised hopes of a future that subverts the factory farm or defeats the ‘Big meat’. Although, hypothetically, the idea of eating cultured … Read more

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