Digitisation: The essential guide to serving the Indian MSME

The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) form the backbone of India’s economy, contributing 30% to its GDP, employing over 110 million people Omnipresence of digitisation has transformed the way we interact, learn, work, and even live. From the moment we wake up to the sound of digital alarm clocks to working round the clock … Read more

Catalysts of change: The rise of Indian MSMEs

In the dynamic realm of India’s entrepreneurial landscape, a staggering 6 crore MSMEs flourish in diverse forms, each painting a distinctive canvas of ingenuity and innovation. From humble street vendors to powerful manufacturing entities with turnovers of up to INR 250 crore, they account for over a third of our nation’s GDP. Micro enterprises, comprising … Read more

SMEs embracing digital transformation: A necessity, not an option

The MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) ecosystem is seeking a revitalized push, with a strong emphasis on innovation and digitalization. It is crucial to reassess their processes and embrace new tools and systems, moving away from traditional on-premises deployments and manual documentation.  The reasons for coping with the industry dynamics are ample and clear. … Read more

Power packed strategy for staying resilient in the consumer electronics business amidst market fluctuations

The consumer electronics industry is highly competitive, and businesses must remain resilient amidst market fluctuations to succeed, and this requires a combination of foresight, agility, and adaptability. The consumer electronics industry is constantly changing and evolving with new technologies and innovations emerging every day. In 2020, the industry saw a significant shift towards online sales … Read more

Driving Job Creation: Electric Vehicle Manufacturing as a Catalyst for Employment in India

The Indian automotive industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards electric vehicles (EVs), which is creating a plethora of employment opportunities in various sectors including manufacturing, research and development, sales and marketing, and charging infrastructure development. This paradigm shift aligns with the country’s sustainable development goals, simultaneously addressing environmental concerns and propelling economic growth. The … Read more

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