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From crisis to resilience: Tackling mental health challenges in the corporate sphere

Approximately 73% of employers do not include mental health coverage in their employee health benefits package indicates a significant gap in addressing mental health needs among the workforce. The tech industry’s rapid pace and high-pressure environment have led to a concerning surge in mental health issues among entrepreneurs, workers, and professionals. Stress, burnout, anxiety, and … Read more

Ron Corio: The billionaire godfather of solar energy tech

Ron Corio, the godfather of solar energy, with his groundbreaking invention helped pioneer large scale solar power plants. A frontrunner for renewable energy and providing solar tracking solutions today, Corio’s company, Array Technologies Inc., was a pioneer in inventing solar tracking energy in the 80s. With a valuation of billions today, Corio had quite a … Read more

Fueling innovation: The power of Venture Capital in driving startup success

India’s high-potential startups rely heavily on venture capital, which also contributes significantly to job creation and economic productivity. Venture capital funding was first implemented in India in 1988, following economic liberalization. After 1993, the Indian venture capital market began to become more regulated. Start-ups and new entrepreneurs need seed capital to reach the full potential … Read more

Customer obsession: Critical for businesses to unlock their full potential

There is a growing emphasis on a more personalised healthcare experience by customers as they increasingly demand user-centric solutions that are convenient and at their comfort. Healthtech companies in our country are listening carefully to their customers and responding to this demand by leveraging technology to deliver convenient, accessible, and patient-centric solutions. When a user … Read more

Communication is key when it comes to bridging the gender gap – says Srinath Sridharan, Author of Time for Bharat

Awareness about each of our individual rights and accountability are important when it comes to public governance reflectively states Srinath Shridharan, editor and author of “Time for Bharat”, a compilation of work by 19 rank academics and professionals that delves into India’s key governance and policy structures imperative for socio-economic change. Srinath is strategic counsel … Read more

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