How to motivate employees in workplace

Different employees may respond to different strategies, so it’s essential to understand the unique needs and preferences of your team members and tailor your approach accordingly Motivating employees in the workplace is essential for enhancing productivity, job satisfaction, and overall organizational success. Here are some effective strategies to motivate your employees: Recognition and Appreciation: Acknowledge … Read more

Employee relations – Building bridges for success

Employee relations is a critical aspect of human resource management that focuses on fostering positive relationships between employers and employees within an organisation. Employee relations are about reinforcing the ties between employers and employees and making a company a better place to work. It involves maintaining individual and collective relationships within workplaces to create a … Read more

Championing equity: Supporting women’s advancement in the workplace

By pushing for progress, supporting one another, and creating a world where all individuals can flourish, let’s shatter barriers and establish a more equitable future According to the World Economic Forum’s gender gap report, the world will take another 132 years to bridge the gender gap. This is a stark reminder of how much work … Read more

Navigating generational diversity in the workplace

Overcoming generational differences in workplace builds a culture that is focused on wealth of experience and perspectives Diversity and demographics are two core strengths that organisations focus on today. However, generational differences can sometimes create friction in the workplace. Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z often bring distinct perspectives, values, and work habits … Read more

A roadmap to employee excellence through innovation and engagement

Embracing change, empowering our employees, and leveraging their excellence to redefine what’s possible in the business world should form the foundation of every business. Human capital plays a pivotal role. It is all about skills, abilities, dedication, and positive attitude of workforce. When organizations understand and accept this complexity, they can make the most of … Read more

Achieving organic gender diversity: Strategies for inclusion

When we create an environment where everyone feels valued and supported, everyone benefits These days, companies are all focused on creating a more gender balanced and inclusive workforce. Meaning, they are working hard to promote women’s leadership, hire more women, and make sure women are well-represented across the board. Companies are keeping tabs on their … Read more

Breaking barriers: Embracing gender neutrality in the workplace

A gender-equitable workplace is better poised to innovate and assess customer interest as well as demand: HR, DBS Bank India At DBS, we are constantly striving to tread further on the journey of being the ‘World’s Best Bank’, while being a purpose-driven brand. Ushering in an inclusive culture is the first step towards a truly … Read more

Why does HR need insurance and wellness integration?

In the dynamic world of commerce, HR departments often grapple with obstacles that impact the efficient management of human resources. These challenges have the potential to significantly influence employee satisfaction, engagement, and overall company success. However, by incorporating insurance and wellness strategies, HR departments can effectively overcome these challenges.  This article delves into the top … Read more

Women leaders: Inspire, influence and impact

Women in leadership positions improve corporate performance and are the key to meeting the business challenges of the future. Consequently, promoting women in leadership positions increases diversity, which is imperative in today’s business world. The sub-theme of women in leadership in management is expanding. Since ancient times, we have discussed leadership, but we have largely … Read more

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