How is cashless economy revolutionizing payments?

These developments are key to financial inclusion, especially in a developing nation like India The financial landscape has witnessed some of the most revolutionary changes owing to digital advancement in recent years. One aspect that is particularly changing the user experience is digital wallets and the cashless economy. In 2023 itself, data released by the … Read more

How life insurance can protect your family

Life insurance is more than just a financial product; it’s the guardian of your family’s heart – their financial security Life insurance is a guardian in the name of a financial product that transcends its numerical value to become the heartbeat of every family’s financial security. Life is an unpredictable journey, filled with unexpected twists … Read more

Next-gen banking: The power of innovation in financial services

Next-gen banking isn’t a distant dream; it’s right happening now The banking world is changing fast. Thanks to new technology and shifting customer expectations, financial institutions are exploring exciting next-generation solutions that are reshaping finance. Embracing limitless innovation: Innovation is the heart of finance today, driving banks to break free from old ways and explore … Read more

Revolutionizing life insurance: A millennial-focused makeover


While it feels a little unnatural to see an insurer making a funny reel to explain the very serious benefits of life insurance, it is the need of the hour The world has seen tremendous innovation in the new millennium. The need for easy information search and consumption led to the rise of Google, the … Read more

DeFi: Revolutionising finance through decentralisation

DeFi seeks to empower individuals by substituting centralised institutions with decentralised banking that is capable of offering comprehensive financial services. Decentralized Finance, commonly known as DeFi, has emerged as a transformative force in the financial industry. DeFi represents a paradigm shift from traditional finance, offering a range of benefits while also posing unique challenges and … Read more

How to improve your credit score

Improving your credit score takes time and patience, but the rewards are worth it Your credit score is a critical financial indicator that can significantly impact your ability to access credit, secure loans, and rent an apartment. A good credit score reflects your financial responsibility and trustworthiness in managing debt. If your credit score is … Read more

Revolutionising technological infrastructure for seamless payment experiences

As the digital economy evolves, so must our approach to payment infrastructure In an increasingly digitised economy, a robust and seamless payment infrastructure has emerged as a foundational pillar for facilitating secure financial transactions. From swiping credit cards to tapping smartphones for payments, the way we exchange money has transformed significantly. Therefore, a robust payment … Read more

Why embedded finance is the key to inclusive economies

Embedded finance is not just a buzzword, it’s a transformative force reshaping the financial landscape Be it the bustling streets of India’s cities or the tranquil corners of its villages, a widespread issue has long plagued both regions alike- financial exclusion. For years, millions of Indians have been unable to get basic banking services. This … Read more

Examining the promise and challenges of blended finance for social impact

While this journey has its challenges, the prospect of transforming lives and communities is significant Funding for social development has always been a formidable challenge, with private investors often being reluctant owing to perceived risks and low returns. The social impact space for decades has relied heavily on traditional grants and donors. However, global economic … Read more

SEBI to safeguard clients’ funds lying with stock brokers and clearing members

SEBI has taken steps to safeguard clients’ funds placed with SBs/CMs and ensure the orderly functioning of the securities market by having greater transparency, security, and effectiveness. SEBI, the regulatory authority overseeing India’s securities market, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking circular that has far-reaching implications for Stock Brokers (SB) and Clearing Members (CM). This circular … Read more

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