Cracking the code to navigating the edtech with ease

Technology opens doors to endless possibilities, but it can leave many educators feeling like novices navigating uncharted territories. Education technology holds the key to unlocking a new era, where learners are empowered, inspired, and equipped with the skills needed for an ever-evolving world. Its promise to revolutionise learning through digital tools, interactive resources, and cutting-edge … Read more

Why is inclusive education important?

Inclusive schools foster an environment where diversity is recognized as a source of strength, enriching the educational experience for all. Inclusive education is a cornerstone of a just and equitable society, recognizing that every individual, regardless of their abilities or differences, deserves equal access to quality education. In this article, we delve into the significant … Read more

Why is AI necessary to unleash the creative force within education?

In the realm of education, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked a revolution. While many discussions revolve around AI’s ability to automate tasks and enhance academic outcomes, a unique and creative perspective emerges when we consider AI as an embodiment of creativity itself. By delving into the depths of imagination and innovation, AI … Read more

Learning beyond classrooms: Home as a learning space

The HLS program is a good example of how making a home environment conducive to learning can advance opportunities for children, their families and their communities to empower themselves. In the year 2020, when COVID-19 induced lockdown closed the classroom doors overnight for children, Aman – a 4th grader in the Phagi block of Rajasthan … Read more

Nurturing future-ready talent in the digital era

By nurturing entrepreneurship and fostering multidisciplinary education, management institutes are empowering graduates to become not just job seekers but also job creators In recent years, India is not just participating in all significant technological advancements and transformations but leading the way in adoption of technology. By working in collaboration with Edu-tech players to provide the … Read more

India rising: Educating the new India

The time has come for us to review our existing educational system and revamp it. India today is no longer rooted in a past that shunned technology, development, and advancement, we are quickly rising as a powerful economy, developed nation, and technologically enabled and advanced society. It is paramount today that we ensure our education … Read more

Navigating edtech: Overcoming challenges for effective learning

To keep pace with today’s dynamic and interconnected world, education, like any other sector, must embrace technology driven changes more quickly than it is accustomed to. In recent times, the world has undergone a significant transformation in communication, work, and learning due to technological progress. The field of education has also experienced notable changes with … Read more

10 cutting-edge trends shaping the future of education

Discover the dynamic landscape of education with these 10 futuristic trends that are reshaping learning in innovative ways. Futuristic trends in education are constantly evolving, driven by advancements in technology, changes in societal needs, and pedagogical innovations. On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, we have compiled a list of upcoming trends in education to provide … Read more

Navigating education: Is your map meeting your learner’s map?

In the classroom, one size does not fit all Have you ever consciously or curiously wondered what constitutes your map of the world? In simple terms, a map is not just what you come across in the geography book; it also means an individual’s perception of reality and cognitive representation, forged, and formed by their … Read more

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