Here are four innovative ways to generate clean energy

We need to accelerate our global energy transition towards a cleaner, more equitable and secure energy system, or miss 2050 net-zero targets How can we harness the energy that commuters produce while travelling to work? Or the energy that coastal blowholes generate, or even that produced by playing an interactive computer game? The World Economic … Read more

The GOI, put all the requisite policies in place, is ready to promote renewable energy in India

Jitendra Mohananey, former Chief Financial Officer, Inox Wind Ltd and Finance and Renewable Energy Sector Expert, discusses new learning, diversification, and the growth of India’s renewable sector Navigating the energy transition towards renewables and sustainability is a complex and multifaceted challenge that requires a comprehensive understanding of various factors, including technology, policy, economics, and social … Read more

Natural gas – Fuelling India’s energy transition

As per the BP Statistical Review of World Energy published in June 2022, around 82% of global energy needs in the year 2021 were met through polluting fossil fuels. These fuels, upon burning release large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO₂) which is a greenhouse gas (GHG) primarily responsible for global warming. As per IEA report … Read more
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