Cyber Security

AI and cybersecurity nexus: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil

Pradeep Sekar, Managing Director of Optiv India, helps us navigate the AI and cybersecurity nexus. In a world where enterprises are rapidly adopting new technologies to innovate and boost efficiency, there’s an unfortunate parallel trend: the escalation of cyber threats. As these adversaries become more sophisticated, can Artificial Intelligence (AI) offer a solution to help … Read more

Talking security with Anil Valluri, MD, India & SAARC, Palo Alto Networks

Anil Valluri, Managing Director and Vice President at Palo Alto Networks, delves into the pressing challenges of IT and OT convergence, and the significance of Zero Trust and automation in cybersecurity. The cyberthreat landscape remains fraught with danger, as the frequency of cyber-attacks and threats escalates daily.  Amidst these challenges, a steadfast player dedicated to … Read more

Dealing with cybersecurity risks caused by Generative AI

Generative AI’s remarkable ability to imitate human communication poses a significant security concern Throughout history, the digital landscape has been shaped by transformative innovations that have revolutionized our world. From the introduction of the printing press to the emergence of the internet, each disruptive technology has had profound implications. Today, another groundbreaking technology, generative AI, … Read more

The escalating risk of cyberattacks and their implications

risk of cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common due to digitisation of industries globally. Let us have a look at 5 critical industries at risk of cyberattacks and steps to ensure cybersecurity. Cyberattacks are malicious maneuvers that attack computer information systems, digital infrastructure, networks, etc. Globally, businesses and agencies are transitioning steadily into the digital space, and while … Read more

Safeguard your business from employee-triggered cyber compromise

Many small or medium businesses think they can do without a cybersecurity solution since they believe they cannot fall prey to cybercriminals. However, the recent study reports that nearly 46% of all cyberattacks are targeted at SMBs. And, according to the data from the World Economic Forum, 95% of cybersecurity breaches are attributed to human … Read more

Top 7 data breach incidents in India

data breach

Check out some of the most noteworthy incidents of data breaches in India and what companies can do to prevent them. What is a data breach? With the rise of the digital age, data breaches are rapidly becoming increasingly common. Any security lapse wherein unauthorised elements access confidential data illegally can be termed as a … Read more

Digital transformation and the risks it sets for cyber security

In a conversation with Milind Mungale, Managing Director, and CEO, Protean InfoSec Services Limited he shares with ET Insights the different concerns plaguing the MSME community, which has hastened its digital transformation process to meet the changing environmental demands. During the pandemic and post-pandemic, a majority of entities have adopted digital transformation of their businesses. Has … Read more

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