Addressing healthcare challenges in rural India

A good and strong public healthcare system is an indicator of development. However, for rural India, the inadequacies in healthcare are alarming. The rural healthcare has long been posing significant challenges to the well-being of its rural population. Reports state that rural India lacks medical personnel, technology, and facilities that provide healthcare on time. In … Read more

Unlocking wellness: Empowering holistic living with nutrition

Health is wealth, and living a healthy lifestyle is the key to living a long, disease-free life. There is a lot of emphasis in today’s technological environment on developing and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. On National Nutrition week, Dr. Kent Bradley, Chief Health and Nutrition Officer and Chairman of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board, shares … Read more

Could perfume be our secret weapon in the war on mosquitoes?

DSM-Firmenich, a flavor and fragrance company, is using its scent expertise to create products that will repel mosquitoes without using harmful chemicals Are you a mosquito magnet? If you don’t seem to get your unfair share of mosquito bites every summer, chances are you know someone who does. Some people are just more attractive to … Read more

How food fortification is transforming global nutrition and health

Malnutrition is no longer restricted to the rural population, evidence-based research shows malnutrition is remarkably visible in the growth parameters of urban children Nutrition is crucial to the goal of achieving world health and well-being. Throughout the lifespan, optimal nutrition is crucial for growth, development, and prevention of deficiencies, diseases, and disorders. Malnutrition affects millions … Read more

Unlocking the potential of collaboration between pharma and research

The Indian healthcare industry is anticipated to register a CAGR of approximately 30.70% between FY2022 and FY2027. In today’s rapidly evolving world, collaboration has indeed emerged as a crucial driving force and a vital tool for growth. Whether it is in the realms of business, technology, or creative endeavors, successful collaboration has the power to … Read more

Ireland’s expertise in sustainable cancer treatment: Advancements in medical technologies to enhance digital healthcare

Ireland’s step towards sustainable cancer care is of global importance as it addresses the increasing burden of cancer on individuals, families, and societies It is well established that cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. Innovation in MedTech will continue to drive significant improvements in the detection and treatment of cancers, building on the … Read more

Addressing heart valve conditions through technological advancement

While many people don’t have noticeable symptoms, in India, one in 40 people aged 75 and older have severe, symptomatic aortic stenosis Abnormalities of the heart’s valves and chambers, known as structural heart conditions, affect millions of lives around the world. But life-changing health technologies are enabling structural heart solutions never before imagined, pushing past … Read more

Building a healthy nation: India’s homegrown medical manufacturing revolutionises healthcare

The landscape of healthcare in India has undergone significant transformations, marked by unprecedented challenges and remarkable progress. The emergence of the pandemic was a turning point that highlighted the need for a stronger healthcare infrastructure. This wake-up call prompted India to reevaluate its strategies, leading to a surge in efforts to enhance medical manufacturing capabilities … Read more

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