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Arbitration of employment disputes in India

In recent years, arbitration has often been the preferred method of dispute resolution in most commercial contracts in India, including employment contracts. Factors including privacy, flexibility, cost and time effectiveness of arbitration have been some of the key driving contributors to such a growing preference for arbitration over traditional court-driven and other dispute resolution methods. … Read more

When governments talk climate, investors listen: Policies can drive green investments

Governmental policies can influence individual investor behavior, driving them towards sustainable investments and shaping’ risk perceptions and investment choices Public awareness of climate change has increased significantly during the past decade. A survey of more than 40,000 respondents in 20 countries that account for 72% of global carbon dioxide emissions found that at least 75% … Read more

India’s stalwart stand on data privacy

The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill of 2023 is not the end but a significant milestone in India’s digital journey In a rapidly globalising world, data reigns supreme. The intangible yet invaluable digital information is arguably the new currency, directing the trajectory of business strategies and governmental policies. However, the implications of this proliferation are … Read more

Privacy in the digital age: Data Protection Bill 2023 and its impact on digital lenders

The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023, addresses the need for a comprehensive data governance framework As India advances toward becoming a data capital in the global arena, ensuring data privacy and security has emerged as a critical concern. The recently approved Digital Data Protection Bill, 2023, establishes a much-needed comprehensive framework for controlling and … Read more

Revolutionising rules for rent free employee accommodation

As the curtains rise on this new development, it is apparent that employers are likely to lean towards providing rent-free accommodation for their employees and may look into the cost-benefit analysis In a sweeping change, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (‘CBDT’) has unveiled amended regulations governing the provision of rent-free accommodation by employers for … Read more

Data and Privacy Bill 2023- A brief Introduction

The DPDP 2023 Act represents a significant step towards data privacy protection in India Privacy is a fundamental right that establishes boundaries to protect against interference, allowing us to define ourselves and interact with the world. Privacy is vital in the modern world to protect against arbitrary power use. India welcomes DPDP 2023, a comprehensive … Read more

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