Transforming MSMEs through digital lending

Providing greater access to credit, fostering innovation, and driving economic development are the keys for the MSME sector to witness a new dawn The MSMEs sector plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth, employment generation and enabling innovation in many economies worldwide. Demonstrating the entrepreneurial spirit and impressive innovation of Indian businesses, the MSME … Read more

Leading with modernisation: Keeping customer centricity at the core

Over the decades customer experience (CX) has taken center stage as the single most defining competitive differentiator across geographies and businesses. In the financial services industry, the drive to deliver an excellent customer experience, along with the availability of rapidly evolving technologies that affect functions like customer service, marketing, and software development, has pushed financial institutions … Read more

Examining the role of payment aggregators in the growth of digital payments

As the digital payment landscape evolves, businesses can rely on payment aggregators to stay ahead of the curve, adapt to changing customer preferences, and create new growth opportunities. Online payments have become an integral part of our lives and business operations. From transactions that include shopping, booking, or paying bills, the dependency on digital payments … Read more

Fintech NBFCs: Fixing the credit gap in MSMEs via new-age supply chain financing

Fintech NBFCs have the potential to transform the credit landscape for MSMEs through supply chain financing. Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are the backbone of India’s economy, contributing approximately 30% to the country’s GDP. However, these vital businesses face limited access to formal channels of credit compared to their larger counterparts, hindering their growth … Read more

The many ways of AI revolutionising P2P lending

The financial ecosystem in India has witnessed a shift in trends, especially as technology and its applications in finance have continued to develop. Personal finance has attained a higher priority as people realised the importance of financial planning and protection during the pandemic. This shift in the mindset led to many experimenting with digital offerings … Read more

Banking on new-age tech in a post-COVID world

Banks have been executing digital transformation initiatives over the past decade, though progress in the pre-COVID era has been incremental. For long, banking services have been heavily manual, and paper based and lacked the personalisation of products and services across customer channels. Today, we see that the banking industry is being shaped by the confluence … Read more
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