Is ChatGPT developer OpenAI going bankrupt?

Recent reports have speculated that OpenAI might go bankrupt by 2024. Will these predictions come to fruition? Let’s take a deepdive The financial health of OpenAI, a leading organization in the field of artificial intelligence, has been a subject of discussion and analysis. Several reports have suggested varying perspectives on whether OpenAI is at risk … Read more

Unveiling India’s infrastructure development journey

India’s infrastructure development should be tailored to its unique needs and challenges It has been 25 years since infrastructure development in India started in full earnest with the launch of National Highway Development Program by Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government in 1998. Successive Governments have since then have made infrastructure investment their priority. Just so, India’s … Read more

This is what the world’s youth say they need for a secure future

A majority of respondents to the global survey ‘What Young People Want’ said their highest priority was getting the education, skills and competencies to allow them to enter the workforce and build successful careers Millions of young people around the world are demanding access to skills and learning opportunities to prepare themselves for the jobs … Read more

How Africa’s youth will drive global growth

With the youthful energy and creativity of its people, Africa can shape a future marked by progress, prosperity and equitable growth for all Africa is a continent teeming with youthful energy and untapped potential, boasting the world’s youngest population with more than 60% of the continent’s population under the age of 25. This burgeoning youth … Read more

Conflict of interest and bias in IC proceedings: Understanding employer’s responsibilities through case law analysis

India has in recent years seen an upsurge in reporting of sexual harassment complaints. Statutory rights and protection accorded to women under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and allied rules (“SH Act”), coupled with social impact deliberations such as the #MeToo and Times’ Up movements have worked … Read more

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