Top 5 retail hotspots across the globe

From India’s vibrant bazaars to China’s futuristic shopping experiences, these destinations offer retail adventures like no other In recent years, the retail business has been a remarkable and revolutionary force in countries all over the world. There are many countries that stand out as must-visit places for passionate travelers who enjoy exploring the dynamic and … Read more

How meta-commerce is empowering rural India’s e-commerce journey

Going forward, meta-commerce will prove to be an enabler for rural India Picture a remote village in UP, where a community of women assembles around a smartphone with a shared curiosity for online shopping. Yet, their enthusiasm is met with a sense of confusion and unease as they grapple with the intricacies of navigating through … Read more

Consumer freedom and payment options in retail

Payment alternatives are not only about freedom but also about adjusting to shifting cultural and technical forces The retail industry has undergone a tremendous transition in recent years, with one of the most important aspects of this evolution being the growing number of payment alternatives available to consumers. Beyond traditional cash transactions, today’s consumers have … Read more

The rise of convenience-centred products: A new way to shop

Convenience is about providing customers with a feeling of ease and simplifying their lives. Consumers are looking for something that simplifies their lives while delivering a positive experience. They want to focus on using products rather than the act of purchasing them. This desire for convenience has led to the rise in popularity of single-use … Read more

Retail resurgence: Unleashing tomorrow’s shopping experience

The key implication for retailers is to prioritise customer experience, convenience over loyalty, seamless integration of technology in store operating processes and look for potential opportunities beyond the metro markets Indian retail is undergoing continuous evolution in consumer shopping preferences, stimulated by economic conditions, technological advancements, and societal shifts. The pandemic played a pivotal role … Read more

Evolving landscape of D2C ecosystem

India hosts more than 600 D2C brands that are projected to reach a $100 billion market by 2025 as D2C offers customized operations and better margins. India is a young country; we have a population of 1.40 Bn people and our median age is 31 years. We hit our Demographic Dividend window in the early … Read more

Premiumisation made simple: Everything you need to know

Consumption patterns are changing in emerging urban areas, ‘premiumisation’ surprisingly seems to be on the rise across small towns India’s consumption patterns have changed over the years owing to factors such as, increased digital connectivity, rising income levels, lifestyle preferences and rapid urbanisation. Today, consumers are willing to pay more for products and experiences that … Read more

Omnichannel dominance: Why is it necessary?

Our customers inhabit the real world and the digital world simultaneously, all the time. So must we. As the world moved from 3-day delivery to 10-minute grocery services, many of us began to indulge in the dopamine surge of “instant gratification.” The DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids) swapped their shopping cart excursions to the nearby … Read more

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