The future of Data Centers is Green

The dynamic world of work relies on data that is created, churned and consumed at every stage. Data Centers aid in the management and storage of this data to enable businesses to drive growth, and store their critical information with utmost security and efficiency. In doing so, Data Centers currently consume 3% of the total power generated and consumed globally. To contextualize, this is slowly leading to increased levels of energy consumption that is greatly becoming unsustainable.  

In our increasingly digital world, we’ve witnessed a growing demand for Data Center services. Data Center uptime was always a business imperative with clear stipulations outlined in service level agreements. As a result of our increased dependency on Data Centers, any downtime or outage experienced across the value chain, has become high-profile, headline-making news. 

To counter this problem effectively and present a solution that hinges on empowering agility and reliability, businesses are shifting to Green Data Centers that use renewable. Green Data Centers are veritable entities that decimate the utilization of energy and have a significantly lower environmental footprint. [box type=”success” align=”” class=”” width=””]Owing to their versatile features and the equitable solutions that they present, several organisations are now heavily investing in the Indian Data Center industry, with a focus on Green Data Centers. India has the largest clean energy programme in the world. By fostering electricity storage applications, the government hopes to make use of low-cost solar and wind power to power Data Centers.  [/box]

The widespread penetration of digitisation and digital transformation has catapulted India to the peak. With unlimited access to the internet and growing rates of digital adoption, the country currently reports roughly 504 million active internet users, spread across both rural and urban areas. As a result, India has unquestionably set itself on a path towards becoming a data giant, a force to be reckoned with among its global counterparts. We’ll need some good answers a decade from now when we evaluate the planning that went into properly managing this journey. But, before that, India must address some fundamental questions, as it sits on the verge of a parabolic change in the creation of massive amounts of data.  

Green Data Centers encompass disruptive and technologically driven solutions that can be harnessed to enable effective storage, processing, and analysis. This emerging tech trend is no longer a good to have, but it has transitioned to a must have for enterprises. The country’s headway into growing alternative sources of energy and its prowess in driving the world’s largest clean energy programme gives it a noteworthy opportunity to power businesses with the future of Data Center technology. This infrastructure and expertise can be put to use in the conceptualization and construction of Green Data Centers.  

Several prominent Indian businesses are utilizing the benefits of the burgeoning Green Data Center trend, observing the economy from close quarters, and aiming to lessen their carbon impact. [box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]By 2025, India’s Data Center market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 5%, twice the rate of the world market, thereby reaching a $4.6 billion growth each year.[/box] India is well positioned to capture a large proportion of global Data Center investments. As the country reaps benefits from a rising digital market, international connectivity, and robust engineering infrastructure, it must capitalise on the major trends defining the Data Center business to gain a larger piece of the global investment pie. India’s digital payment infrastructure has transformed the country’s business. The success achieved in this sector must be replicated in the Data Center domain, and this will be brought forward by our venture in Green Data Centers.  

Considering environmental sustainability as an integral part of a business model for colocation operators can improve brand reputation, reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), improve competitiveness, retain talented employees, and increase brand value, which ultimately increases business value. 

The transformative improvements that Green Data Centers will bring to the country’s digital transformation journey will become monumental. The manner in which we adapt to and implement these centers will set an example for the rest of the world. We need to understand that the cloud is more than green-energy equipment. It provides solutions to businesses which will set the stage for India’s growing digital revolution. The bold bets that we can make in the future will be contingent on how well we are prepared to execute them today. A scalable and sustainable future with digital solutions inspiring us to do more will have green data centers at the core of businesses.  

 [author title=”” image=”http://”]Sachin Bhalla, Vice President and Country GM – Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric India and SAARC [/author]

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