Fostering Trust, Excellence & Holistic Growth: An approach to stakeholder satisfaction and leadership development

In a dialogue with ET Edge Insights, Sharad Pungalia, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Amplus Solar, delves into the intricacies of cultivating trust, achieving excellence, and fostering comprehensive growth. The focus is on an approach that emphasizes stakeholder satisfaction and the development of leadership qualities.

Amplus places a strong emphasis on its employees’ well-being and growth, focusing on inclusive success and personal development. Success for Sharad means more than achieving numerical targets; it entails ensuring inclusive growth for all stakeholders. The company strives to provide opportunities for financial growth, empowerment, and continuous learning for every individual within the organization.

Sharad also speaks about employee-focused accommodation. In metropolitan areas where good employees can be challenging to find, Amplus addresses the issue of affordable housing. The company rents fully furnished flats and houses in the vicinity and shares the rental costs with employees, making convenient accommodation accessible to its workforce.

They promote empowerment, transparency, and flexibility. The company encourages flexible working arrangements, offering employees the freedom to manage their work-life balance effectively.

Recognizing the importance of mental well-being, Amplus goes beyond physical safety concerns. The company offers a wellness program that includes a helpline staffed with psychologists. This service is available not only to employees but also to their family members, emphasizing Amplus’s commitment to emotional well-being.

They recognize that while technology is a valuable tool, it cannot replace the essential human touch. The company encourages employees to stay updated with new technological trends while underlining the importance of emotional intelligence, which remains a unique human quality that technology cannot replicate.

Amplus’s dedication to its employees, inclusive growth, and holistic well-being has resulted in the prestigious “Great Place to Work” recognition for six consecutive years. The company’s commitment to creating a supportive work environment that nurtures employees’ professional and personal growth sets a high standard for organizations aiming to be exemplary workplaces.

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