Is “AI ethics” the new term for “data protection”?

In an exclusive conversation with ET Edge Insights, Ms. Moumita Sarker, Director Deloitte discusses value, impact, and learning from mistakes. Excerpts Could you tell us what is data to you? Honestly – it is my bread and butter. However, beyond its financial significance, it resonates deeply with my passions, constituting what I live for and … Read more

Emergence of spiritual entrepreneurship in the business world

During a recent ET Edge Insights session, Kumar Rajagopalan, the Country Head of DISYS, explored the significance of spirituality in the business world, posing the question of whether it is a passing trend or a profound practice that empowers individuals on a deeper level. Traditionally, business success was measured solely by profits. However, Kumar highlighted … Read more

Aspiring GenZ leaders and CEOs should take risks: Aditi Banerjee

Aditi Banerjee, Co-founder & CEO, Magic Billion, in conversation with ET Edge Insights focused on growing and scaling a global business as a remote CEO Ms. Banerjee stated that Magic Billion is an Indian organisation that helps Indian talent find global opportunities in terms of jobs and work across 15 countries. Despite being a remote … Read more

Future of finance: Unveiling the evolution of investments

In an exclusive interview, we ask Amit Goenka, the founder, CEO, and managing director of Nisus Finance, about the rise of alternative investments and how the financial landscape has changed In an exclusive interview with ET Edge Insights, Amit Goenka highlighted that the landscape of alternative investments began in 2012, when SEBI introduced the alternate … Read more

Brenntag’s commitment to sustainability: Leading the way in safety and environmental responsibility

Alok Sharman, Regional Director – South Asia & Managing Director – India, Brenntag, highlights the special initiatives taken by Brenntag for waste management, pollution reduction, and emission reduction ET Edge Insights in an exclusive interview recently spoke to Alok Sharman, Regional Director – South Asia & Managing Director – India, Brenntag. The discussion focused on … Read more

Beyond Online: Innovating the future of offline retail in India

In a conversation, Colonel Chandhoke, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Victorinox India, and Naveen Malpani, Partner and Sector Leader – Consumer and Retail, Grant Thornton Bharat LLP, discuss the numerous factors that will shape the future of offline retail in India

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