Cloud greatly empowers organisations in incredible ways: Sachin Chawla, VP, MongoDB India

In a conversation with ET Insights, Sachin Chawla, VP of MongoDB India, touches upon the significance of cloud for businesses and what important things companies should consider before adopting cloud. He later elaborates on his company’s strategy for India.

Sachin Chawla states that the Cloud empowers organisations by providing them with agility, scalability, and the power to innovate. He is certain that the Cloud will become increasingly prominent in the future. However, he warns that companies should take certain precautions before adopting the Cloud.

Firstly, organisations should modernise their back end before shifting to the Cloud. Otherwise, simply lifting and shifting data to the Cloud could result in undesirable consequences. He also warns against the over-use of single-use case databases as it could result in complete disarray. For example, “if you have a fraud use case, you may use a graph. If you have a geospatial use case, you may use another database, and if you want to save time, then some other database. And then it becomes like a zoo and it’s difficult to manage each database. Managing 6 databases to power an application is extremely complex and a management nightmare,” states Chawla.

Continuing his recommendations, Chawla adds, “I would suggest looking for platforms that are modern and have a modern app development approach that has a flexible schema. Because today’s applications change a lot, and releasing an application is not the end, but rather a start, as regular iterations are needed to constantly improve your applications. So, look for flexible schema. It helps you change applications.”

Expanding on MongoDB’s strategy for India, Sachin Chawla remarked that they have already built a credible business in India and have a workforce of about 500 people. “Our mission in India is to empower developers, tech innovators, and enterprises alike to build modern and scalable software and applications with ease. Our teams are going deeper into the enterprise business and serving some of the largest businesses in India,” he states.

MongoDB was awarded the ET Choice of Tech Leader award in the NoSQL Solution Provider category. 

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