Healthcare should be one of the most high-level mandates that we, as a country must democratize says Dr. Shriram Nene

Dr. Shriram Nene, cardiovascular & thoracic surgeon, healthcare expert, entrepreneur, and tech innovator is committed to improving lifestyles and lifespans through precision, and personalized health approaches. An active collaborator in the healthcare innovation space, Dr. Nene has developed ‘Pathfinder Health Sciences, a medical tech platform. Queenie Nair of ET Edge Insights caught up with Dr. … Read more

In the connected world, brands-consumers align over purpose-driven branding

Today’s world is digital. Everything including business is online. With the shift in consumers’ preferences, tastes and thoughts, it has become extremely crucial for brands to cater to this evolving consumer behavior by aligning to it. Preeti Reddy, Chairwoman-South Asia, Insights Division, Kantar outlines the changing dynamics of customer-centric branding which is now aligning with … Read more

Digital Adoption: Success Mantra for MSMEs

There is clearly a strong opportunity for tech and digital players who can step up to instill confidence in MSMEs by creating awareness and guide them on how technology can help and act as a catalyst for their growth. It has been more than two years that COVID-19 has swamped the globe, rupturing the healthcare … Read more

How Big Data Can Be Used for Tourism Recovery in Asia and The Pacific

The pandemic-driven surge in data collection offers major opportunities, and some risks, for the reopening of tourism in the region. The pandemic hit tourism in Asia and the Pacific hard, but it also rapidly increased digitalization. The vast amounts of data collected every day – the  ‘big data’  – in the tourism industry could be key to its … Read more

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