Future of finance: Unveiling the evolution of investments

In an exclusive interview, we ask Amit Goenka, the founder, CEO, and managing director of Nisus Finance, about the rise of alternative investments and how the financial landscape has changed In an exclusive interview with ET Edge Insights, Amit Goenka highlighted that the landscape of alternative investments began in 2012, when SEBI introduced the alternate … Read more

How blockchain accelerates small business growth and development

Blockchain technologies are revolutionizing how small- and medium enterprises (SMEs) are approaching their businesses. In developing economies, blockchain payment solutions can bridge a gap and open new markets for many business owners. The connected nature of blockchain means developing economy SMEs can access new markets, while boosting economic growth at home.   Blockchain technology is … Read more

Global CEOs brainstorm on the forces of the pandemic and rapid digitization from the Indian perspective

…the biggest obstacles are going to be the country’s long-standing challenges of income inequality and access to quality education Oxymoronic as it may sound, the next normal will be a steady state that is on constant move, fueled by powerful technological innovations that will empower consumers, and accelerate efficiencies in production processes by several multiples. … Read more

A Roadmap to Building a Resilient Future for Pharma

In the VUCA world that we live in, resilience is key for organizations Now more than ever, industries post covid have realized the need to reinvent themselves to prepare for a ‘normal’ that is ever-changing, and the Pharma industry has been no exception. In fact, pharma has the dual challenge of securing its tomorrow and … Read more

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