Dealing with cybersecurity risks caused by Generative AI

Generative AI’s remarkable ability to imitate human communication poses a significant security concern Throughout history, the digital landscape has been shaped by transformative innovations that have revolutionized our world. From the introduction of the printing press to the emergence of the internet, each disruptive technology has had profound implications. Today, another groundbreaking technology, generative AI, … Read more

A comprehensive guide to top 10 IT skills in demand today

The advent of the digital era has transformed operations worldwide and it is steadily changing how we approach our work and conduct business. Therefore, it is imperative for working professionals to actively upskill, so they do not lag in an era characterized by dynamic changes. Businesses cannot afford to delay digitisation for several compelling reasons. … Read more

Security is better when it is built-in

As the world is increasingly interconnected, everyone is responsible for securing their own cyberspace. It is rightly said that for every lock, someone is out there trying to pick it or break in. Proper cyber security is about preparing for what’s next, not what was last. As corporate work has pushed the security boundaries of … Read more

IT security is a process, not a destination – maintaining optimum security takes a constant investment

Security is never static. New cyber-attacks are constantly emerging and configurations are rampant. Enterprise IT staff face a constant barrage of threats, both intentional and accidental. But simply buying and plugging in a new security device doesn’t make problems magically disappear. The reality is, IT security is a process, not a destination—maintaining optimum security takes … Read more

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