Seamless Relocation: Roadmap to a successful move abroad!

An international move is multi-faceted, whether someone is relocating alone or with their family, there are numerous aspects to consider

The prospect of beginning a new chapter in a different country is always filled with anticipation and excitement. This feeling intensifies when it involves an enticing work opportunity, be it a well-deserved promotion, an internal transfer, or a brand-new job altogether. According to data from the Indian government, over 2.8 million Indians embarked on overseas employment journeys between January 2020 and July 2022. These individuals, often referred to as expatriates, courageously live away from their homeland, with a significant expat community thriving in various regions across the Middle East. They also live in destinations like Singapore, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

An international move is multi-faceted, whether someone is relocating alone or with their family, there are numerous aspects to consider. In certain instances, companies lend a hand with the relocation process, but when they do not, individuals must navigate it independently. That is why it is important to explore in more detail the ultimate checklist for starting life as an expat.

Before the move:

Research on the country: Embarking on an international move involves thorough research on your new country. Delve into a wealth of knowledge about its culture, social surroundings including parks and malls, civic infrastructure encompassing low traffic zones, healthcare institutions, crime rates, and tax regulations, among other aspects. Immerse yourself in this valuable information and compile a comprehensive guidebook to ensure a seamless transition into your new life abroad.
Navigating finances abroad: Conducting thorough research enables you to gain a preliminary understanding of suitable banks and the financial considerations necessary to transition and sustain yourself in a new country. Take the time to organise your finances at home, involving your family and company, before embarking on your journey. This careful preparation ensures a sufficient bank balance, allowing you to confidently embrace your new life abroad.
Prepare your healthcare plan: It is crucial to be proactive and plan for healthcare when moving to a new country. The healthcare systems can differ significantly; thus, it is important to seek guidance and inquire about the best options available to ensure the health and safety of yourself and your family.
Finalise your living situation: In certain cases, a company may offer accommodation, especially for internal transfers. However, if that is not the case, it is important to research and explore the areas where you would like to reside. Considering your commuting needs is crucial, so it is best to have a clear understanding of your preferences. If you are relocating with children, it becomes even more essential to look for neighbourhoods that are child-friendly and provide amenities such as schools, parks, hospitals, and retail stores.
Move your belongings: Before packing your belongings for the move, take the opportunity to organise and declutter. Set aside non-essential items and prioritise what you truly need, including sentimental pieces that bring a sense of familiarity and comfort to your new home.

After the move:

Unpack your belongings: Once you have settled into your new home, start unpacking and organising your belongings. This step will facilitate a smooth transition and allow you to quickly immerse yourself in your new surroundings.
Open a bank account: Upon arrival in your new country, it is crucial to open a bank account to effectively manage your finances. While some companies may assist with this process, your prior research will prove invaluable in selecting the most suitable bank for your needs.
Acclimatise to the new culture: Immerse yourself in the new culture by exploring your local area. Engage in activities and consider joining language classes to enhance your integration. Seek out hobby groups related to art, music, hiking, and more, and take advantage of nearby sports facilities. These small but significant measures will enable you to fully experience and embrace the best that your new country has to offer.

Simon Mason,
COO & CRO, (India & GCC),
Writer Relocations

While the steps involved in an international move may initially appear complex, they can be effectively managed with the assistance of a reliable mobility partner. These dedicated relocation partners offer invaluable support, assisting with tasks such as transporting your belongings, providing information about various residential areas, community facilities, safety measures, and entertainment options. Moreover, they can help you find the most suitable housing or temporary accommodation based on your preferences. When it comes to finding a school for your children in a new country, mobility experts can even shortlist the best options tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, these experts can provide guidance on understanding the customs of the new country and acquiring basic vocabulary skills. Companies such as Writer Relocations, Happy Packers and Movers, and others are known for going above and beyond to ensure a seamless and effortless move for their clients.

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