Redefining India’s education sector through digital innovations

Times have changed fundamentally. Today, we have a new breed of innovations working towards growing the education sector digitally.

Times have changed and, techniques to redefine the education sector in India have evolved, and now we have a new breed of innovations working towards growing the sector digitally. The initial digital innovations began in a classroom set-up where new technologies like – Interactive whiteboards, computers, laptops, and wireless internet opened up the outside world for students. The change did not just stop with the students but made it necessary for the teachers to explore newer methods and techniques to adapt to newer phases of learning. From setting up learnings’ sessions, workshops, etc. virtually, to playing podcasts to practice listening skills and providing access to a wide range of web-based tools that allow students to engage and explore newer platforms.

This transformation is just the beginning – because just as technologies have begun to change the way the education sector is adapting; change seems to be taking place that revolutionizes digital innovations. The new digital world helps redefine the education sector that needs to adapt and adopt unique methodologies, tech innovations, and mindsets.

Digital innovations in the education sectors today are considered as scalable solutions to fill up gaps and address challenges faced. Below are the techniques or solutions designed to accelerate the adoption of digital innovations in the education sector in India.

1. Automation – On average, 51% of organizations across sectors in the world are currently using marketing automation, and more than half of B2B companies plan to adopt technologies for digital strategies as part of their growth. In the education sector, automation can help universities and institutions improve operational tasks, increase productivity and enhance digital maturity.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) – AR provides a new dimension to learning today. It has huge potential which allows universities and institutions to open a unique realm for e-Learning. Augmented Reality is the space where learners control their learning, with the help of interactions in real-time across virtual environments. Today AR is revolutionizing the way digital learning is perceived and is making an individual’s, or the organization’s experience more rewarding.

3. Utilizing the emerging technologies – Most of the emerging technologies offer the education sector potential opportunities to embrace new methods to adapt and experiment.

    • Cloud computing is one of the essential elements of digital transformation as cloud-delivered processes offer institutions and universities increased mobility, insights, process efficiency, speedy delivery, and cost optimization.
    • Voice Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Chatbots, and machine learning are worth exploring to not only enhance marketing and user experiences but also serve as functional, efficient, and cutting-edge tools to learn, interact with a 3D world, automate key activities, enhance personalized learning methodologies, develop adaptive programmes to experiment and innovate.

With the increase in digital learning innovations in the education sector, it is evident that institutions and universities find themselves with large amounts of data on new-age digital technology that help them scale and grow in their respective curriculums. Extensive access to the internet today is the major factor that has enhanced the implementation of digital innovations in the education sector.

This article is authored by Shashi Jaligama, MD, GUS Education India


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