Preparing for the virtual reality of digitized workplaces

What according to you, will the Workforce of the Future look like?

Big change happens only if there is a proverbial ‘Burning platform. The workforce of the future will be unique due to two factors, one, the imposition of new norms and, two, due to the evolution of the mindset.

The workforce of the future would experience new standards of workplace discipline, empowerment, ownership, and engagement. All this may improve delivery and speed but somewhere may impact engagement levels and emotional bond with the organizations. Workforce that will enter the professional world around half a decade away from now will redefine the importance and needs of Learning, Lucre, and longevity connected with the workplace.

When we look at the workplaces post-pandemic, what should be the new normal? What are top of the mind issues/priorities for key stakeholders – HR and employees? 

We would see the next level of Digitization and Virtualisation at the workplace. This would in turn mandate new norms around behaviors of team members, peers, and leaders. We will witness real chaos in the workplace. People working virtually may have “fear of missing out” and office vs home rosters will require the ability to manage ambiguity, better camaraderie, higher trust levels, and inclusive leadership.

Since virtualization will be the new normal, resources would have to be extremely adept in the use of technology and automation of processes. Agility, focus, and speed would be the need of the hour. More control would have to be given to employees with a continuous focus on communication & feedback.

What has been your experience with digitisation, AI & Robotics in HR? Is India ready for such a huge transformation?

We have been an early adopter of digitisation and AI in HR, using it effectively for talent engagement and predictive analysis. The results have been tremendous in terms of functional productivity and insights drawn. We are in the process of engraining it further deeper into each stage of the employee life cycle.

When it comes to digitisation, AI & Robotics, India possesses the right talent, skillset, and infrastructure thereby ensuring our readiness. However, as a nation, we are yet to explore the full potential of these transformers. All that is required is a strategic realignment by India and a shift in the adaptability quotient of organisations.

Yuvaraj Srivastava is the Group Chief Human Resource Officer and is responsible for the talent & people strategy of all the group companies. As part of the Leadership team his key focus areas include Human Resource planning, Talent Management, Leadership Development, CSR and administration.


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