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Driving the smart wearable industry, Noise has tapped into the mood of the current generation, intuitively aligning its ethos to emerge as the market leader in the connected lifestyle space for Indian consumers. The pursuit of fitness, good health and overall wellness has led conscious individuals to seek smart remedies across dynamic lifestyle needs.

Amit Khatri & Gaurav Khatri, Founders, Noise

Wearables leading the mainframe

Smartwatches are steadily taking over as the go-to gadget for your personal health and wellness. Providing dedicated tracking across a bevy of lifestyle needs, smart watches have empowered individuals to streamline their workouts, monitor their health and assess their general well-being.

While it may seem that smartwatches may take precedence as the foremost smartphone accessory, the relatively new and immensely popular truly wireless technology has further rippled the smart wearable market. Convenience and want, has led to the innovation of wire-free audio technology which is soon set to make conventional wires a thing of the past.

While audio technology may essentially be focused on listening to music, streaming content and getting lag-free call connectivity; who is to understate the importance of the right music to provide motivation during both exercise and relaxation? A calm and composed state of mind is a result of a well-managed schedule – which is precisely what smart wireless technology is offering.

Elevating your health and fitness

Noise through 2020 has managed to sell an average of over 100,000 smartwatches every month. The figures are well poised to double, as 2021 brings with it a fresh vigour and stronger commitment to maintaining good health and fitness – more so in the shadow of a crippling pandemic. Individuals today are better informed and well equipped to deal with, and prioritise matters of fitness, hygiene and health.

However, if you still are unsure here is a quick lowdown of how smart gear can help inspire good health and long-term fitness.


  •   Improved awareness: By providing comprehensive tracking across several activities, smart wearables can aid in keeping you informed about your overall health. Having the awareness of one’s own physical state is the first step to improvement. Such gear empowers you to take proactive decisions, always keeping complications at bay.
  •       Health management: Just like you juggle a number of different routines at the gym, smart wearables can help manage your routine by several integrated tools and features hyper-focused to specific needs. For instance, Noise watches come with multiple sports modes to track performance across your specific form of exercise. Add to this the ability to create health goals and adopt the right routines, there is much to benefit from.
  •       Better sleep quality: Often an overlooked aspect of most people’s routine, your sleep is essential to drive function and good health. Necessary for both physical and mental stability; fitness and wellness go hand in hand, with a night of good sleep. Smartwatches often provide sleep tracking to measure your sleep quality right down to the time spent in deep, light and REM sleep.
  •       Weight loss goals: By pushing the wearer to live an active, upbeat lifestyle – you can expect to get dedicated calorie tracking, along with sedentary reminders across such smart devices. This empowers you to find out which foods directly contribute the most to your weight gain – so that you can practice restraint. Kick away lethargic tendencies, since you get custom alerts upon being inactive for too long.
  •       Comprehensive health data: Smart technology can come with various health monitoring features such as a blood oxygen monitor and an HR sensor. Such in-built additions can help observe patterns in the long term, which could be indicative of the state of your health over time. The saved data can come in handy for reference, enabling smarter future action.

Noise has been a driving force in providing Indian consumers with a smart, user-friendly and interactive space to measure results across their health and fitness endeavours, with our selection of aesthetically driven and profoundly intuitive smart wearables.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Economic Times – ET Edge Insights, its management, or its members

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