Meaning not Money: Primary Focus of Job Selection in the Era of Automation

In the post pandemic new world order the priorities of the human race have shifted drastically. People’s habits and consumption patterns have changed and so have the ways of working. As the accelerated adoption of technology gathers pace, people are compelled to think about their jobs in a new light. Now it has become essential to do a job that not only requires special skills but is also meaningful and contributes in one way or another to the society at large. But what about the money? People usually prefer higher paying jobs, irrespective of the responsibilities. But not always and not any more!

In a shocking revelation we found that a whooping 71% of the esteemed attendees of The Economic Times Workforce of the Future Summit chose “Jobs that makes a difference” over “Jobs that pay well” when asked what kind of job would they want to do in the era of automation. Automation is expected to reset the rules of work in the future. Hence, most people want to take up meaningful jobs that need a human touch, even if it means settling for a lower salary.

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