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The rapid emergence and evolution of remote working have accelerated the digitalization of businesses. A TeamLease report revealed that 77% of Indian organizations are willing to offer employees their preferred hybrid work model.  Like any strategic change, organizations must have a focus on vision, a sense of urgency, and the necessary budget to support the hybrid future of work.

However, every organisation is struggling with the exponential growth and sprawl of data. With over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generation every day, businesses must simplify and secure their IT environment.

Construct your data tower

As businesses navigate through the evolving landscapes, they must innovate and align their IT framework with the changing scenario. Often, legacy solutions and technologies are not phased out, paving way to a technology sprawl with data types, workloads, and infrastructure spanning several generations.

Complex infrastructures coupled with the exponential rise of data sprawl due to the increasing SaaS adoption throws up additional challenges for business and technology leaders in managing data. Therefore, balancing the workload while transitioning to a data-centric environment from an infrastructure-centric one requires a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of the IT framework.

Anchor the single pane of glass

An integrated and intelligent data management approach holds the key to accelerated business growth while protecting your data. One single elegant solution allows agility and flexibility to businesses while eliminating the risk of data siloes. This five-step checklist can help navigate through the challenges and manage changes in the workload environment –

  1. Implementation Agility

It is vital to identify and choose a solution that enables you to maintain broad and comprehensive support scale. Technology leaders should have the ability to mix-and-match solutions that align with their business and IT needs. The solutions should have the flexibility of deploying, consuming, and scaling the solution the way you want it, leveraging SaaS, appliances, software, or hybrid.

  1. Secure your Data

The complexity of managing and protecting data is at an all-time high. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure a perfect blend across on-premises and cloud environments while providing replication, disaster recovery, and compliance reporting. A centralized security console monitors the entire environment from a unified platform, ensuring access to insights from the data so that you can secure them efficiently.

  1. Simplified IT processes

A modernized data management solution leverages cutting edge technologies powered by AI and ML, significantly improves IT operations, and helps make more informed decisions. This enhanced connectivity allows for modifications, re-prioritization of tasks, better customer experience, room for product development ensuring optimum functioning and growth opportunities.

  1. Broadest workload coverage

An end-to-end data management tool helps gain the broadest workload coverage through a diverse technology stack, including data management and protection for past, present and future generations. This consolidates multiple generations of data with unified protection and boosts the flexibility to seamlessly move workloads across your environment.

  1. Rapid recovery

Regardless of wherever the data resides, you must be ready to recover it quickly. By automating disaster recovery and testing across multiple clouds, you can reuse cost, effort, and risk while gaining confidence that you can recover data quickly, whether it is a single file or an entire database.

These points can build a strong foundation for your workload Jenga and significantly reduce the complexity of your environment. Organisations must modernise their environment, increase business agility, and ensure all workloads are secured to ensure competitive advantage. When your environment is simplified and protected, you can better serve your customers, create innovative products, and find opportunities to increase revenue streams.

Written by

Anshuman Rai, Area Vice President, Commvault India and South Asia

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Economic Times – ET Edge Insights, its management, or its members

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