Glimpse of dynamic women across verticals in the supply chain industry

"Sky is not the limit. I am,"Apeksha Singh, Director- Strategy Human Resources- India Subcontinent, DSV Air & Sea

apeksha“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me,” American novelist Ayn Rand’s renowned remarks still resound in the halls of successful women across the corporate world. Every woman’s life is a kaleidoscope of experiences, with an equal number of challenges and triumphs and we present the perspectives from the resilient women of the supply chain industry. 

The DSV women take us on a fascinating journey from realising one’s full potential to achieving a work-life balance. Apeksha Singh, Director, Strategy Human Resources, India Subcontinent, DSV Air & Sea, presents a brief account of how her company were pillars of support for her when she had to balance her professional and personal lives.

“I hail from a family of three generations of strong women, including my grandmother, aunts, and mother. Throughout my childhood, I was surrounded by strong, opinionated, ambitious, and career-oriented women. Even back then, they were all adamant about their career choices, and my grandmother supported them equally regardless of their choices.

I have been nurtured in an environment that has instilled a strong feeling of gender equality, which is something that DSV Air & Sea possesses as well. Women’s empowerment not only makes the workplace more varied, but it also brings more ideas together, which feeds growth and ensures our organization’s long-term sustainability.”

DSV ISC’s women leaders who are excelling, shining, and contributing equally to the company’s overall progress, sharing their views on working in the supply chain industry. These women leaders share how they overcame their problems is incredibly inspirational.

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Apeksha Singh continues, “During my time there, I had a lot of help from my top management colleagues. This assistance has allowed me to do more each year and has aided me in achieving a work-life balance. I’ve always been ambitious, but juggling my profession, family, and children was tough at times. DSV highly values capabilities and potential of its employees.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]”Sky is not the limit. I am,” I believe as an empowered leader with the backing of my organisation.[/box]

Many great female leaders in DSV understand and inspire other women to realise their full potential. We have a unique role in mentoring and recognising the contributions of other female leaders. We’ve shown that when a woman’s voice is heard, she participates in decision-making, and she leads, she’s more likely to deliver something distinctive, noteworthy, valuable, and of high quality. Something that has a positive effect on the business.”


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