Exploring different dimensions of being a leader – Leaders are not born, but leaders are made

While speaking at the Global Business Summit, Brigadier Aveen Chopra talks about his 34 years of journey of serving the country.

Delivering his keynote speech at the Global Business Summit 2023, Brigadier Aveen Chopra explored different spectrums of being a leader and the true meaning of leadership. Talking about his 34 years serving the country, he firmly believes that a leader is not born, but a leader is made. He elaborates on the fact that skills can be imbibed, but to become a true leader, one needs more than just mere skills.

He reiterated the fact that safety, honour and welfare and the top priorities of leaders who have the courage to stake their lives to safeguard the vested interests of their fellow beings and country.

Furthermore, he narrated poignant incidents of his life, which showed how he values humanity over the war. During the Indo-Pak war, he emerged as a true hero when he tried to save the life of his enemy even after losing some of his closest colleagues. The incident was truly emblematic of how the world needs more peacemakers.

Summing up his powerful idea, Brigadier Aveen Chopra beautifully summed up that to live, he had to overcome the fear of death. And that made his journey beautiful despite a lot of challenges he had to face in the way. His tenure is truly emblematic of how one can rise despite all odds if one has indomitable courage and undying passion.

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