Smarter, leaner, cleaner: Strategies for the future enterprise

The core concepts of Build, Allocation, Analysis, and Automation serve as the cornerstones of a modern business. Any organisation can achieve greater growth by combining investments in people, technological, and data capital, which together make a very powerful combination. By putting customer-centricity and sustainability at the forefront of their business, organisations that are driven by technology and data stress implementing solutions that relieve the burden off human shoulders in terms of optimising their daily tasks.

To discuss the key points mentioned above, the following speakers – Megha Chawla, CP Gurnani, Amit Kumar, Arindam Das, Dilip Jose, Shalabh Saxena, Anup Rau, and Mankiran Chowhan – assembled at the Global Business Summit 2023, in a session titled, “Smarter, Learner, Cleaner”. Here are some snippets of what the speakers said:

Megha Chawla

“In the context of India, the role of technology and data is of great importance as it is transforming technologically and embracing new-age innovations to leapfrog into the next phase of future enterprise. Today, India has over 900 million strong working-age people.”

CP Gurnani

“The reality is, most of us do know that ChatGPT is a signal of AI being on an exponential growth path. The younger generation is a heavy user of technology today. Quantum computing is something that’s being looked at and development is expected to come.”

Amit Kumar

“The automobile industry in the last three years witnessed massive changes. The supply chain went into transformation. The big, massive shift in the country is the need and urgency for vertical integration. A lot of changes are coming, and they will require a lot of technological advancement.”

Arindam Das

“Information is the key to the financial services sector. As the consumer is changing, we need to build services for the new-age consumers as we need to reimagine social media strategies to cater to this group of consumers.”

Dilip Jose

“India’s healthcare sector is growing at a rapid scale. When we talk about it, the opportunity for India is huge. Technology helps in identifying the section of the population that is vulnerable and educating them. Innovations need to focus on detection quickly.”

Shalabh Saxena

“Micro-finance is all about getting into geographies. Our industry and our companies provide last-mile delivery to customers. Giving them a loan in their operating environment is the key to business success. Technology is critical for us to cater to a larger geography seamlessly and within the stipulated time.”

Anup Rau

“We use technology for optimising operations. As we advance one specific to general insurance, we need to be able to underwrite without having data for it. It’s important to look at the transformation of enterprises which are adaptive to changing business requirements.”

Mankiran Chowhan

“We are in an era of massive change. The pandemic has led to a change in the period. The penetration of digitization in the Indian economy has worked wonders as the country has embraced digital payments. The opportunity for India is massive. Technology is the heart of what companies do today. The application of technology in relevance to that industry has to be the deciding point in embracing innovations.”

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