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The past year not only helped reinvent our outlook towards life, but also dynamically altered the way we work. Therefore, innovation had become both, our ray of hope and our muse to escape into the future. However, there has been one industry that is always tasked with the responsibility of foreseeing the future years in advance, with or without an international health crisis. The real estate development business, the second-largest employment generating industry in India, carries this responsibility.

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And thus, since the inception of MAIA Estates LLP, innovation has been the cornerstone of their foundation. Under the leadership of Founder and CEO, Mayank Ruia, and Director – Developments, Rishad Khergamwala, they have learnt to embrace the new challenges as a world of opportunities and limitless possibilities.


It is only natural to expect that design, architecture and real estate that forms the backbone of the way we live will have to adapt to address the changing times. Buildings, both residential and otherwise will comfortably allow for social distancing while providing cocoons for safely socialising for both, work and leisure. Hence, it is safe to say that design will have to be more intuitive, with a rapidly increasing need for automation and touchless architecture.

Having acutely foreseen that the future of real estate lies in heightened safety practices and innovative design solutions, the team at MAIA Estates, has undertaken an in-depth research of this current scenario. With focused surveys and international advisors, their goal is to create a touchless but thoughtful residential experience.

Mayank Ruia, Founder and CEO of MAIA Estates LLP

As a firm that is strengthened by its roots in the spirit of evolution and adaptability, MAIA Estates founded by Mayank Ruia in 2016, persevered through this challenge by treating every new obstacle as a learning opportunity; a philosophy culminating in the creation of future-ready residential spaces that not only meet the desires of its residents in the present but also in the years to come.

Introducing intelligently designed bifurcation in common spaces, privacy, and personal safety in a MAIA property is ensured, without compromise.


Taking the definition of a ‘smart-home’ a notch higher, MAIA has crafted a sensor-based, touchless experience in its common areas and lifts. Running through the residential experience with a fine-toothed comb to minimize external exposure wherever possible for the well-being of its residents. MAIA’s public doors, lavatory taps, etc will seamlessly function without external contact. To further the goal of minimising exposure, foot-operated facilities have been installed around the property. The installation of specially designed UV lights in public areas make excellent air purifiers through filtration and safeguard residents from any airborne viruses.

Additionally, Mayank foresaw the need to create a micro-ecosystem within MAIA’s developments in order to provide its residents with holistic leisure and entertainment facilities and the soothing touch of nature bringing home the best of a luxury retreat. Think a rooftop bar and spa, exquisitely designed banquets and ample space for sporting and physical activities. With a design philosophy that is strongly rooted in sustainability, MAIA’s developments have been designed to benefit the natural ecosystem and biodiversity of its surrounding environs.

Rishad Khergamwala, Director – Developments of MAIA Estates LLP


“The team is in the process of introducing contactless communication between the residents and the society as well as creating a contactless concierge facility to offer them a host of services and conveniences at their fingertips”, says Rishad Khergamwala, Director Developments

Tapping into the endless potential of digital transformation that has been widely accelerated as more and more companies and people begin to find comfort in working-from-home to stay safe will be key to navigating the future. The future of real-estate will lie in bringing an array of 360-degree experiences thoughtfully designed and tastefully executed.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Economic Times – ET Edge Insights, its management, or its members

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  1. Great to read this Mayank.
    Am sure you will have conceived and conceptualised something extraordinary after the marathon OBW and Kessaku.
    Cheers, Best Wishes and Good luck


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