Enabling IT platforms for digital transformation

Tune into this webinar on ‘Enabling IT platforms for Digital Transformation” to hear from two leading experts with in-depth competence in digital transformation:

  • A senior industry expert, who will share actionable insights on the process of adoption of digital technologies, identifying the best platforms -their relevance in industrial growth today, and the global trends that are currently creating the path for India to follow.
  • An industry technology leader, a hands-on Head of Technology from an industry that has achieved a significant amount of progress in digital transformation. He will share his insights on the challenges that adoption of automation faces, and how he overcame them for successfully reaping the advantage of the connected technologies for his organization.


Digital competencies and operation functionalities are driving enterprise business today.

Business and technology are increasingly being aligned on connected platforms. Identifying this paradigm as the way forward, enterprises are clearly seeing value in the digital transformation of their production and businesses functions.

Progressive CIOs and Heads of Technology realise that the situation is “catch up or be left behind’. However, you need to identify the right platform that allows you to reduce complexity while allowing real-time operations. For this, you need a technology that can provide real-time insights into all the processes- in a single view. The advantage will be- end to end visibility on infrastructure, application, security and analytics in one seamless package.

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