Twitter blue launches paid subscription plans in India: What are the benefits?

The blue tick on Twitter is a way for verifying accounts and user identity. “Verification is currently used to establish the authenticity of identities on Twitter. The verified badge helps users discover high-quality sources of information and trust that a legitimate source is authoring the account’s Tweets.” Twitter said in an official statement.

Twitter executives say that there will soon be three types of accounts: official, paid, and unlabelled. Twitter has launched its blue tick subscription plan in only a few countries previously and now in India. Earlier, users could separately apply for the verified tag without having to pay.

Users can access Twitter Blue by clicking on the profile picture at the top left. Additionally, only accounts that are over 90 days old can avail of the paid subscription.

The blue tick can be purchased by subscribing for ₹650 and ₹900 per month on the website and mobile, respectively. Annual subscribers on the website will receive a discount of ₹1,000 and will have to pay ₹6,800 instead of ₹7,800. The company has not announced any action regarding the previous blue tick accounts.

A few benefits of the tick are early access to new features, a ticket to post longer videos, priority in terms of searches, mentions, and replies; and lastly, the ads will be reduced to half. The following are the conditions for Twitter Blue: the account must be actively used in the last 30 days, the account should be at least 90 days and have a confirmed phone number, there should be no signs of the account being misleading and engaging in manipulation.

(This article has been edited by Reeya Katakdaund)

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