Shein’s launch in India: What’s in store?

Shein's launch in India is set for July 2023. The fashion retail app is returning via Amazon. Its relaunch is set to happen on the Amazon Prime sale on July 26 to 27. 

Amazon is helping the Chinese fashion retailer Shein to restart its services in India. Shein’ launch into India is a highly anticipated affair. Shein was the go-to platform for most youngsters in India to purchase trendy clothes at minimal prices. Shein in India was previously exiled along with several other Chinese apps. This move to stop Chinese apps from operating within the digital landscape of India came after territorial conflicts peaked in 2020. The ban was explained by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology as a calibrated effort to protect national security under section 69A of the IT Act.

Shein’s launch in India marks its comeback after it was one of the 59 Chinese apps that was banned in 2020. The news of Shein’s launch has elated many people as this is a one-stop shopping platform for trendy and affordable clothing. The app marketing was targeted towards the price-sensitive demographic. The app was founded in 2008 by Chris Xu. Shein is the third most successful startup in the world with the US being one of its largest markets. The fashion retailer didn’t have its own supply chain up until 2014. As demands soared worldwide, Xu the company creator, designed the company’s own supply store.

The app is lauded for making trendy apparel more accessible to its customers at a reasonable price. This is what partly contributed to its meteoric rise in popularity amongst youngsters. It has established such a strong presence in the global fast fashion industry, that its valuation is more than HM and Zara combined.

Fashion trends are replicated at an accelerated speed across the world. This is partly due to influencers promoting fashion trends across social media apps like Instagram and YouTube, which have a wide reach to audiences that are young and have considerable expendable income at hand.

Algorithms on social media ensure that young people encounter Shein in their day-to-day activities. The app’s infamy is pervasive mainly due to its selling point of being trendy at a minimal price. Shein announced its relaunch on the Amazon Prime Day sale which starts at midnight on July 26 to 27, 2023. The fashion retailer is set to make a comeback in alliance with Amazon.

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