PM Modi vows super-skilled ‘New India’ at ET Now GBS 2024

The pinnacle moment of the 8th edition of the ET Now Global Business Summit 2024 was marked by an enthralling keynote address delivered by the esteemed Chief Guest, the Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His speech illuminated India’s unwavering trajectory towards economic progress, captivating the audience with insights into the nation’s dynamic journey towards prosperity.

In his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended gratitude to the attendees of the ET NOW GBS 2024 and underscored the significance of this year’s summit theme, “Disruption, Diversification, and Development.” He asserted, “This is India’s moment.” The mounting global confidence in India was evident, notably with the enthusiastic reception it received at Davos recently. Experts worldwide acknowledge India’s pivotal role in the evolving global landscape, recognising its remarkable journey and burgeoning influence.

The Prime Minister Modi envisioned an era of immense promise for India, characterised by a rising growth rate and declining fiscal deficit. He highlighted the positive feedback garnered by the interim budget from analysts and experts, further enhancing India’s economic outlook.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, India has demonstrated resilience, encapsulated by the motto “Jaan Hai toh, Jahan Hai,” which later evolved into “Jaan Bhi Hai Jahaan Bhi Hai,” stated the Prime Minister. “This underscores India’s collaborative efforts in turning challenges into opportunities, showcasing its ability to adapt and thrive in adversity. The government has prioritised transparency in governance and implemented schemes aimed at benefiting all levels of society, alongside efforts to strengthen and upgrade national infrastructure,” the PM added.

Prime Minister Modi emphasised the need to transcend incremental thinking and introduced initiatives to propel various sectors forward. He envisioned India becoming the 3rd largest economy globally during his third term, underscoring the government’s commitment to making decisive decisions and charting a roadmap for the next 30 years. He assured that the New India would operate with super-skills, reflecting his unwavering guarantee.

Expressing hope for positive discussions at the summit, Prime Minister Modi envisioned the event contributing to propelling the country into the next era of progress.


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