Narayana Murthy asserts machines can’t compete with humans

Narayana Murthy, a founder of Infosys, recently addressed the topic of AI replacing human workers by commenting that AI will assume the role of an ‘assistant’ and free-up time and space for humans to get their creative juices flowing, as cited in fresh reports.

The erstwhile chairman of the Indian tech colossus further remarked that AI has rendered life more comfortable and humans will never allow technology to take over their roles. He commented that human intelligence reigns supreme and machines can’t compete with the human mind which is one step ahead and the “master” of machines.

Concerns about AI capabilities have been a hot topic, especially since the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT on the heels of other AI-powered chatbots like Microsoft’s Bing and Google’s Bard. There was also news of organisations ousting employees and replacing them with AI chatbots.

Narayana Murthy also highlighted the initial anxieties surrounding the advent of computers and smartphones. “Many thought at one point of time that all these computers will make us free. It has not happened,” he said while noting the propensity of humans to think there isn’t enough time even after the deployment of AI.

In the same vein, Milind Lakkad, a top TCS executive, recently said that generative AI platforms like ChatGPT will devise an “AI co-worker” and not replace jobs. “It (generative AI) will be a co-worker and that co-worker will take time to understand the context of the customer,” he commented in a recent interview with PTI.

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