5 select business books for thriving in the new normal

The previous year brought an extremely difficult time in our lives. Uncertainties, disruptions and anxiety marked our days for the longest periods of time. But gradually we got used to the new normal and learned to survive with the pandemic. 2021 is essentially a very critical year. It poses new challenges that we must face … Read more

How can other renewables match the success story of solar power

Mother Earth blessed the human civilization with invaluable treasures in the form of air, water, sky and earth. Unfortunately, we took the essentials like fresh air, clear skies and clean water for granted and put all our geniuses in digging out the oils and fossil fuels hidden inside the rocks and mountains. It just took … Read more

Fast-moving strategies for quick-changing consumption

FMCG companies will have to stay agile to deal with the demand and supply challenges arising with the waxing and waning nature of the pandemic. Covid-19 changed the Indian consumer’s shopping basket and behaviour, apart from disrupting supply and distribution. The Rs 4-lakh-crore fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, which is regarded as the barometer of … Read more

3 approaches companies can adopt to boost DEI in 2021

Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity or DEI as these are being called collectively, have gained immense attention in the global business circuit in 2020. It is true that DEI is not a new concept. In fact, companies have been propagating DEI in their organizations for years now. These proclamations have been proven to be quite empty … Read more

Quick insights to get your workforce back to office smoothly

Ways of working didn’t undergo any massive change in the past century. Despite increasing adoption of digitization, majority of companies continued working from office. In developed economies work from home (WFH) model started gaining some traction in the recent years but things were not moving very fast. In India, like China, WFH was not even … Read more

New skills for new jobs that are open to all

According to an article by World Economic Forum, closing the skills gap is a major problem worldwide. Statistics depict that closing the global skills gap could aid the ailing global GDP greatly: It could add as much as US$ 11.5 trillion. To achieve this, training and education systems must keep pace with the changing demands of … Read more

The business case for resilience

COVID-19 was a shock and awe event for many organizations around the world. The global pandemic led to supply chain shocks and structural changes in the functioning of many organizations. Economies in the Asia-Pacific region could be looking at a US$620 billion in total and permanent income loss, as per a Standard & Poor forecast. … Read more

A sustainable and equitable digital future is possible and vital

In 2019 Emily Chang[1], Bloomberg technology journalist and bestselling author, said in an interview that “Silicon Valley is deciding what we read, how we communicate, what we buy. It is rapidly reshaping our culture… yet the vast majority of the decisions made in tech are made by men.” Tech is a global industry, deeply interconnected … Read more

6 emerging trends in global tech, media & telecom in 2021

Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) landscape undergoes ample transformation every year, but 2020 was an exceptional year, marked by unprecedented accelerations. The pandemic has essentially changed our ways of working and living, boosting tech and digital adoption worldwide. The latest TMT Predictions Report published by Deloitte, highlights several emergent trends in these three sectors that … Read more

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