How is Bosch creating technology that is “invented for life”?

Improving the quality of life of our consumers has always been at the heart of everything we do at BSH. We constantly explore, innovate, and develop solutions that are rooted in simplicity yet offer extraordinary experiences for our consumers, and that is what technology is all about. It is about simplifying lives. In the context of home appliances specifically, technology has truly revolutionised the way we live. When appliances were first launched, it was all about automation of chores, but today we have gone beyond the realm of chore management and improved solutions to meet customised needs of every single user along with aesthetics that match the changing lifestyles.

I have spent three decades in this industry of consumer electronics and have witnessed some pivotal shifts in the behaviour of consumers. Remote controls, for instance, were a luxury when they were first introduced, today mobile apps have taken over, reducing the number of devices and making it a seamless experience end-to-end. In the case of cooking, the journey has been advanced too with chullahs to stoves to now built-in inductions that can avoid any kind of fire hazards.

Our Home Connect feature for instance, opens up totally new possibilities in your home. Today, more and more Bosch home appliances are able to make lives of users easier. Designed as an open system, Home Connect expands the product experience of users further with new services and functions. For example, thanks to our partnership with “Kitchen Stories”, with the app, not only can you discover a large number of recipes, but you can also save these directly in your very own cookbook and transmit the recipes directly to your Bosch oven, which then automatically adjusts to the ideal cooking settings for a perfect result.

Neeraj Bahl
MD & CEO of BSH Home Appliances (India & SAARC)

In the case of a washing machine, simply tell your washing machine what is in the load (via Home Connect function) and it will work out the perfect program. This leaves you more time to spend on the more important things in life: like a good conversation. Though this app provides you with helpful tips and tricks that should answer most of your questions, if there is something it cannot help resolve, it will put you directly through to our customer service who are always ready to provide you with the right options and solutions.

Technology in products should not be just a jargon, it should provide a 360-degree experience where the entire user journey is thoughtfully evaluated to ensure that every step is made simpler for the user. That is how we think and innovate our Bosch Home Appliances.

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