Customer obsession: Critical for businesses to unlock their full potential

There is a growing emphasis on a more personalised healthcare experience by customers as they increasingly demand user-centric solutions that are convenient and at their comfort. Healthtech companies in our country are listening carefully to their customers and responding to this demand by leveraging technology to deliver convenient, accessible, and patient-centric solutions.

When a user trusts in your product and the services you offer, the chances are that they will pull in more people to your product, a cycle that can save millions in marketing spends. Understanding the problems faced by customers, recognising, and owning that problem & providing solutions that are apt for the demographic should be at the core of a company’s mission. Designing solutions begin with embracing customer feedback. Customer-obsessed companies’ efforts towards relations as well as long-term success, resulting in improved C-SAT.

A distinguishing factor for customer-obsessed companies is when retention is prioritised over acquisition, deep-diving into a buyer’s journey, adding value for users will enhance their experience, increasing retention. Retaining a user is far more cost-effective than acquiring a new one.

Customer obsession cannot be restricted to just the Customer relationship management (CRM) teams, even though they are the face & voice of the company; aligning every level of an organisation with the business objective is key to building a high-functioning, customer-centric.

Surveys help organisations with insight into customers and what they need. Tapping into that need acts as a guiding principle for offering better services. Triggering follow-up emails, solving problems before a user encounters them, proactively asking them for suggestions to improve services, providing support options, and ensuring ease of access to after-sales services are all factors that build trust.

For faster resolutions, one can rely on tools that can provide the resources for customers to get the solutions they require, without having the need to connect with the CRM teams. Establishing retention, loyalty & trust helps improve a customer’s overall journey.

Mr. Satish Kannan
Co-founder and CEO

Analysing customer satisfaction metrics & making that information available to everyone in an organisation, especially the customer service, sales & marketing teams, can help them capitalise on many opportunities. Tracking customer success metrics will direct a company into investing their time wisely towards better customer success measurement.

A customer’s health score is unique to every organization indicating long-term potential. Retention, churn, and customer lifetime value are financial metrics that are critical for senior leaders. Understanding these metrics can help refine sales strategies.

Digital Healthcare brands understand the customer persona of people looking to access healthcare with ease. Matching affordability with accessibility can help a brand stand out. A brand’s promise needs to be concise, clear & genuine. That promise should resonate throughout the organisation. When customers trust that promise, they will eventually trust the brand.

While C-SAT can lead to a better experience, that experience needs to be delivered by the right people. Hiring the right workforce, and helping them understand the values, mission, & vision of the brand while focusing on customer satisfaction can lead to delivering exceptional experience. Hiring employees with a customer-centric mindset is critical to the organization; these employees must also be empowered with the right tools and information to get the job done. Customer-obsessed companies understand this better & structure their organisations accordingly.

In a world where the customer is king & queen, catering to their needs is critical for any business to flourish.


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