Building a great brand, one employee at a time

A strong employee culture and a commitment to employee well-being are necessary for promising brands

Organisational culture is a broad term. It is often understood as the company’s beliefs and values and how it influences the behaviour of its employees. Ambitious companies work on aligning their internal culture with the external brand image to deliver the brand promise.

Defining core values is the initial step. These enduring principles guide our behaviour at PIL. It’s essential for everyone on the team to internalise these values, shaping our attitude and actions. We are passionate, and unity defines our purpose. We prioritise employee well-being, focusing on physical, emotional, financial, social, career, and community aspects. Our policies align with our purpose, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Through informative sessions, we embed this philosophy into our culture, enhancing our employees’ overall well-being.

Physical wellness: Typically, physical wellness encompasses many aspects, such as exercise, sleep, lifestyle, and food choices. We support these with an in-house gym, yoga, and Zumba sessions, and we also offer proactive healthy lifestyle programs, gaming areas, medical assistance and best-in-class office facilities including medical emergency hotline number for employees.

Career and financial well-being: Industry best compensation, enhanced learning and development sessions, and internal talent mobility opportunities enable the employees to improve their overall career well-being. Financial challenges can cause stress, which can be a distraction at work. Therefore, companies that help employees understand how to manage and save money are true championing the financial well-being of their employees. We offer our employees sessions on personal financial planning and investment.

Social and community well-being: Having meaningful relationships personally and professionally can positively impact the long-term happiness of employees. As a promising brand, we work empathetically to build a strong sense of community in the workplace. This helped employees overcome loneliness, especially during and after the pandemic. Our well-equipped library, and celebration of key life events are uplifting initiatives that our employees love. Additionally, our employees are encouraged to engage with the local community through developmental initiatives like sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Emotional & mental well-being: The mental health of our employees has been a top priority even before COVID-19. We have always believed this has a profound impact on both employee and organisational performance. Our leaders lead with empathy, openness, and flexibility to make every team member feel included and important. Thus, de-stigmatising mental health. Our efforts to champion diversity, equity and inclusion are delivering excellent results. We address concerns through Listen Hours and support intellectual growth via a diverse library. Our thriving culture is built on holistic well-being. We prioritise employees, embracing challenging tasks, celebrating milestones, and providing flexibility for parents. This approach strengthens our internal culture, shaping a brand perception rooted in care and support.

Manali Nagory
Head HR 
Pipeline Infrastructure Limited

Purpose is the reason why any organisation exists. When employees’ values match the organisation’s, they connect with its purpose. Our people choose to work with us because their values align with ours. This is one reason why we are an employer of choice.

In conclusion, at PIL, we firmly believe that building a great brand begins with nurturing our employees. Our unwavering commitment to their well-being, aligned with our core values, has not only fortified our internal culture but also shaped a brand perception rooted in care, purpose, and excellence.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ET Edge Insights, its management, or its members

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