Hettich embraces megatrends with innovations

Patterns or trends that emerge in the macroenvironment snowball into a megatrend. Studying megatrends gives us an understanding of the ever-evolving needs of the people around us and designs effective solutions for them. They influence every aspect of our lives, including the furniture we choose for our homes & offices.

There are numerous megatrends out there, but the ones that are particularly important for our industry are individualization, urbanization, digitization, new work, and sustainability. Let’s understand how they impact us.
Individualization is the transition from us to me i.e., people being more concerned and responsible about themselves. In such a scenario, everything they do becomes a reflection of their personality. We see a sharp shift from mass-produced products to customized ones. Customizing a product allows you to add a distinct feature to it, thus setting it apart from the assembly line. With Hettich’s AvanTech YOU drawer system, one can personalize the drawers in their living spaces with desired materials, finishes, colours, and functionalities that lend their signature style to their interiors.

As India moves towards nuclear families and urbanization, space is now a luxury. Besides, the advent of tiny houses (houses with constricted space) has ushered in the requirement for efficient solutions to recalibrate and use the space available to the very last inch. The Transforming Room concept of Hettich gives rise to a cleverly structured space that welcomes more ease and movement for a better living.

Digitization has now made everything available in the palm of our hands. Almost everyone is online more often and everywhere. More and more systems are networked with each other and subliminally challenge the individual to digital action. Hence, we have introduced a slew of digital services including the Design Gallery Mobile App, Virtual Tour of Application Centre and Eshop to ensure an omnichannel experience for our customers.

The line between home and office has almost vanished with the recent happenings in the world as people have started working from home. Thus, the requirement of dedicated office spaces at home is crucial for productivity. Our home office range offers a wide range of solutions like compact workstations with smart space usage, storage units for office documents, meeting-friendly setups, and everything you need under the sun for a dream home office. However, if you have to go to the office as well, we have reimagined office desks as multi-functional desks that organise your cables & devices and let you adjust the height.

Andre Eckholt,
Managing Director,
Hettich India

Another facet of megatrends that drives companies is sustainability, which pushes them to adopt measures that take care of their ecosystem and not just their organizational interests. As more and more brands are making their products and processes sustainable, others follow suit. Customers are more inclined towards companies that champion a social cause or a purpose. Sustainability is core to our corporate strategy, and we follow the motto of “avoid, reduce & compensate”. To this end, various initiatives in the form of climate-neutral production sites, green buildings, e-mobility, etc. have taken center stage. We act today with a thought for tomorrow.

Megatrends are here to stay, and companies need to align their strategies to stay relevant. At our organisation, we are geared up to ride the megatrends to build future-proof business strategies.

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