ESDS selects Juniper Networks to optimize, automate and secure its cloud application delivery infrastructure

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Decades later, the 2020s will be marked as the decade of the digital awakening. No matter the reason, the great reset has begun. It has given birth to new norms and structures, new processes and methods and at the heart of it lie technological innovation and digital connectivity. Today, every business wants to undergo a digital transformation in order to thrive, but only a select few are able to achieve true success. With the increasing workload, even the IT service providers have to upgrade their technology systems and infrastructure.

It is essential that such businesses select the right technology partners who understand their requirement and are ready to put in the required effort to make things work. ESDS is one of the few select firms that underwent a successful transformation by partnering with Juniper.

A Nashik-based cloud hosting company, ESDS Software Solution is amongst India’s leading managed cloud service and end-to-end multi-cloud service providers. Having begun its operations in 2005, the company presently has its footprint in APAC region, Europe, Middle East, the Americas, and Africa.

“As a company we facilitate Digital Transformation enabling companies to optimise and modernise their cloud environments, secure their data and migrate their legacy data on cloud,” says Piyush Somani, Managing Director and Chairman, ESDS.

However, being a cloud service provider, the company had its own set of day-to-day challenges to meet customer requirements and demands in terms of quick provisioning and providing a stable, robust, and scalable network.

ESDS needed a high-performance, low latency network that could help them securely deliver cloud applications without the risk of delay or disruption. Juniper helped them achieve it.

The firm’s traditional network architecture that managed the core/distribution/ access was facing issues in terms of horizontal or east-west scalability expansion. Having a reliable network is especially essential given that ESDS’ customers are from diverse sectors, such as government and financial services industries.

Deploying a Leaf-Spine Architecture

The Research and Development (R&D) team at ESDS decided to work with Juniper to address the above concerns and expand their existing traditional infrastructure with Leaf-Spine architecture supported with Juniper’s Ethernet VPN (EVPN) and Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN).

After complete testing, the team rolled out this solution in production with ease and minimal downtime.

Reaping benefits

The solutions from Juniper have covered almost all pain areas, including deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting with ease. It has assisted ESDS engineers to monitor and troubleshoot the exact cause of problems.

“This, in turn, has helped us to maintain customer mean time to resolve (MTTR). With Juniper’s Junos Space Network Management Platform, we can now easily expand our network using EVPN and VXLAN,” shares Somani.

-A Case-study

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