Reducing carbon footprint: How data centres are embracing sustainability

ET Edge Insights, in an exclusive interview with Sumit Mukhija, Chief Executive Officer of STT GDC India, discussed the topic of sustainability in data centres – a crucial subject that plays a significant role in addressing climate change across various sectors

Data centres have a substantial environmental impact due to their high energy consumption and carbon emissions. However, there are certain key approaches and best practices that can be implemented to promote sustainability in these facilities.

Sumit Mukhija emphasised that at STT GDC India, sustainability is a fundamental principle that governs their business practises. Their commitment to eco-friendly practises is founded on strong leadership and transparency. Green initiatives, corporate social responsibility, and compliance are increasingly implemented across the organization’s global enterprises, which are supervised by dedicated teams, he stated.

The debate on sustainability versus profitability is ongoing, and Mukhija shed light on this topic. He emphasised that sustainability is a shared responsibility between STT GDC India and its ecosystem, which includes customers, partners, suppliers, and contractors. He believes that it is important to empower your customers to have visibility into their energy consumption. The organisation involves itself in creating data and reports that are shared with their customers on a routine basis. His team ensures quarterly reviews with the customers, emphasising clarity and visibility in day-to-day business operations during their contract. His team goes a long way in establishing the balance that should exist between a customer and them as a provider/partner in getting their sustenance objective through.

STT GDC India is trying to go beyond the four walls and is continuously making efforts to strive for partners that align with their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives. The organisation ensures a thorough evaluation of the efficiency of the products, services, and technical data sheets that their partners are submitting.

Furthermore, STT GDC India has established a Center of Excellence in Bangalore, where they provide hands-on training to graduates from leading institutes, offering them valuable experience in data and mission-critical operations. This initiative not only helps create employment opportunities but also contributes to the development of a skilled workforce in the industry.

Mukhija emphasised the fact that they want to do business ethically and responsibly and have dedicated teams who very well look after the governance, ethics, and integrity parts. The organisation uses diversity and inclusion as a differentiator, as those diverse thoughts enable them to come up with solutions that are very much appreciated by their customers.

Lastly, he mentioned that STT GDC India takes a holistic approach, focusing not only on sustenance but also on driving positive change and reducing environmental impact. Watch this insightful interaction to discover how sustainable practices in data centres are paving the way for a greener and more responsible future.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ET Edge Insights, its management, or its members

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