The ever-expanding future of healthcare with wearables

The future of healthcare is value-based, virtual, patient-centered, transparent, and heavily reliant on data and analytics. Beating the impact of the pandemic would have been impossible without having key technological updates instantly. Call it virtual doctors, without these technological upgrades, today, survival from the multiple waves of deadly viruses seems unimaginable.

When we find technology assisting consumers with the most recent information, wearables are the future and healthcare is currently at our fingertips.
The main goals of virtual health solutions are patient convenience and access to their own data.

According to an exclusive interview with Amit Khatrii, Co-Founder, Noise, smartwatches are becoming more and more popular among young millennials, and there are an expanding number of ways that this technology is being applied to address critical health requirements.

Q – Smartwatch users have exploded in recent years, encompassing people of all ages. How has Noise’s product line captivated the market?

A – Wearable users have been steadily increasing in India due to a number of factors. From young Millennials to older audiences, Indians today have recognised the unique problem solving nature of wearables and how they can enhance their overall quality of life.

At Noise, keeping the vivacious appetite of consumers in mind, we decided to approach smartwatches by adopting a policy of co-creation. By implementing a uniquely designed process, based on data driven customer feedback from multiple channels, we adopted a one of a kind customer centric approach to better understand the psyche of the Indian consumer.

We wanted to offer every Indian an opportunity to hold and interact with the latest and trendiest technology. Maintaining our homegrown values, we released a series of smart products that were exclusive to the needs of Indian consumers. This catapulted us all the way to the top of the smartwatch segment in India.

Q – With the rise of tech-savvy Millennials, smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular. How does Noise intend to communicate with future consumers?

Youngsters from the Millennial and Gen Z generation are constantly seeking new and exciting ways to interact with technology. By creating products that incorporate art and innovation with practicality and design, we have been offering Indians a chance to get their hands on some of the smartest and trendiest wearables.

We intend to continue down the same road and further push the envelope in the connected lifestyle segment. We are looking forward to a series of new launches that will redefine the way Indians look at smartwatches and audio accessories. Excited for the next leap in innovation, we will continue to develop new-age technology that can make managing day-to-day tasks extremely efficient.

Q – What does the future of wearable technology look like, and how does Noise intend to dominate this market?

The pandemic brought to light a litany of health and fitness benefits that Noise wearables had to offer. As such, the future of wearable technology is full of many new and exciting possibilities.

Since we are a bootstrap e-commerce start-up, most of our business is conducted via digital avenues and online marketplaces.

Off late, we have started foraying into traditional marketing methods such as print and offline advertisement to further boost brand awareness. We are also planning to reach out to a far wider audience by partnering with offline mediums such as Reliance Digital and Vijay Sales. Via such endeavours, we plan to stay at the helm of the connected lifestyle segment in the near future.

Q – Smartwatches and other wearable technology are increasingly being used by customers to satisfy crucial health needs. Is Noise addressing this with unique features in its goods and platform?

Over the years, Noise smartwatches have created a new frontier in personalised health care.

At first, we introduced 24/7 heart rate tracking in a number of our smartwatches. Steadily, we integrated sleep and stress monitoring, giving Indians the opportunity to pursue health in a holistic way.

With the spread of the virus, we offered products that could help Indians monitor and manage their health without stepping out of their homes. In particular, Noise smartwatches with a SpO2 sensor became the go-to choice.

Presently, Noise smartwatches come with a series of health monitoring tools in the form of Noise Health Suite. Featuring a heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, stress and body temperature sensor; our wearables help Indians take personal accountability of their daily health.

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