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Infrastructure – The Opportunity and Challenges

Whitepaper by JSA Advocates & Solicitors

Story Highlights
  • India: Engine of Economic Growth
  • The Vision for $5 Trillion Economy
  • Blueprint for Achieving the Target
  • Pipeline of Projects
  • Imperatives and Winds of Change
  • The Challenges Ahead
  • Drivers – How to Get There

The role of Infrastructure in India becoming a US$ 5 trillion Economy

India is expected to be an engine of global growth in coming years. Riding the wave of robust economic growth over the last decade, India has set its sights on becoming a US$ 5 trillion economy by FY 2024-25. This paper examines the role of the infrastructure sector in making this aspiration a reality. In particular, it outlines the blueprint for achieving the target as laid down in the National Infrastructure Pipeline issued in December, 2019. The paper also underscores other important roles that infrastructure development will play (e.g., catering to modern lifestyle, enhancing competitiveness, job-creation, and dealing with the disruptive effects of climate change and rapid technological development).

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