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For over 100 years Olympus has been pioneering innovative technologies and solutions that made the previously invisible visible and we have a long legacy of delivering minimally invasive “see and treat” therapies that help detect, prevent, and treat diseases.

Our medical devices are used by clinicians in diagnosing and treating patients across the world. When designing our medical products, Olympus studies the various circumstances in which the products are used and thus not only do we invest painstaking hours in the lab, but we also go into the field to communicate directly with users for feedback.

Olympus was established in the year 1919, where the early years were into developing microscopes and commercial cameras. In 1949, a doctor working at the University of Tokyo Medical Centre requested Olympus Optical Co. Ltd. (currently Olympus Corporation) to develop a camera that could photograph and examine of the interior of a patient’s stomach. Olympus undertook this difficult challenge, and the historic development of gastrocameras began.

The First Gastro Camera saw the light of the day way back in 1950, followed by the innovative approaches in coming years in using fibreoptic technology, endoscopic ultrasound video endoscope system and capsule endoscopy. Company has been a pioneer and visionary innovator which always has been focussing on quality imaging and optics which helps in early diagnosis and treatment and living our core purpose.

Innovative design employed by our R&D team in designing and implementation of innovative technology like NBI, RDI, TXI etc are an embodiment of latest innovations in technology geared towards ease of use and enhance patient safety. It has brought the best in technology in the hands of the clinicians.

Our footprint is now in various speciality areas like Gastroenterology, Respiratory, Urology, ENT, Gynaecology with high focus in innovative imaging technology like Ultra high definition 4K imaging, 3D imaging in surgery to name a few .

During this journey Olympus has been a regular recipient of popular design awards for its range of products throughout its history. A few of them include The Good Design award (Japan), The Red Dot award in product design, iF Design Award, International Design Excellence Awards, DFA Design for Asia awards and more.

The future holds an immense and immeasurable potential where the only limits present there are set by our vision. In this world of connected health, novel technologies like machine learning, AI and blockchain based data systems promise a level of personalized healthcare delivery previously thought possible only in the realms of science fiction.

The ultimate outcome of our efforts that motivates us all to come to work every day. Our Core Values are the beliefs and principles we share. These are the elements that best describe the type of company we are and continuously strive to be.

At Olympus we believe everyone should have equal opportunity to live a healthy. Every day we are advancing medical technology solutions to help people everywhere fulfil their desires, their curiosity, their dreams, their ambitions, and their lives.

It’s a philosophy we call: “True to Life”. True to Life sits at the heart of Our Purpose of “Making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling.”

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Economic Times – ET Edge Insights, its management, or its members