Using AI to transform customer experience

To remain relevant, every business needs to begin thinking of unified customer experiences. Brands need to deliver resolutions, as quickly and accurately as possible, on the channels that their customers prefer, 24x7x365. So, how does your call center stack up against the call centers in the age of AI?

See how ready your business is for the future, and how you can get to the next level. Do you provide fast, effortless, accurate resolutions on first contact – regardless of channel?

A staggering 62% of customers will consider switching to a competitor after only 1-2 bad experiences. More than 90% of customers share details about bad experiences with others. And 25% would pay more for a better customer experience, regardless of product type.1 How do you provide your customers with the real-time responses that they need, when they need them?

Today, call centers have the unique ability to leverage all available data to drive each customer interaction. These data sources include which digital marketing campaign the customer is viewing, what transactions the customer completed in the last hour, what was the customer’s previous bill or the next bill, and what the customer just asked about on the call.

Layering in AI can include lifetime value, propensity to churn, customer satisfaction, sentiment, likelihood to buy, credit risk, etc. This type of call center can leverage successful online tactics and use technology to generate the most business value out of each call even though the actions taken on each call could be very different. Personalization as an approach is becoming increasingly anticipative as firms use advanced analytics to reach out to customers before they even realize they have a need.

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